October 7, 2008

3 days, 3 hours played

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Is what it took for my darling warlock duo to hit 60. There was a lot of AFK’s though, and I shall hope to do better on the next set. So what is next? Well we’re back to Hugz and Kissesz. They are all transfered over and guilded and ready to go. They will be the next project and starting at level 41, I don’t assume it will take me long. I have no idea why I am leveling all these toons so fiercely. I guess I just want to have some options so once wrath hits, I can just level away.

I’m sorry for the no post in so long, I predicted I was going to be very busy and I was. This Sunday is my 6th year wedding anniversary, but other then that, nothing going on, so hopefully future posts will be better….


So until next time…

Oh and if you wanna get to know me and my husband personally, you can find our family blog over at http://www.loveathome2002.blogspot.com and if you have a personal blog that you’d like added to that blogroll, let me know!

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August 28, 2008

Abusin the Recruit a Friend

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Yup, sorry for no post. I got distracted by a couple of hunters, and their 3x XP gain. I’m having a blast running the two of them around, despite the fact that it kinda takes away from my primary goal of grinding out the gold cap. I went on over and made a brand new trial account, fired up two hunters (Hugz and Kissesz, as they were named before) and took to the streets, so to speak. The plan is to level the two of them up to 59, grant all of the bonus levels to my alt priest, ding em 60, and transfer the shiny new extra hunter to my husband’s account. If Ive still got time I might fire up a second pair. I’m thinking Mage and Shaman. Mage for myself, and the shaman for the hubby. However I’m not entirely sure I want to bother with a shaman at all, so it might end up being a druid instead. The second set of free dingage with either also go to the priest, or to my warlock to be. Or perhaps I’ll grant all of the extra levels to a brand new toon, one I don’t particularly feel a desire to level.

Hugz N Kissesz

Hugz N Kissesz

The levels seem to be flying by so quickly for these toons. I know I spent at least the single digit levels dinging every five or so minutes. Now both toons are sitting at a lovely level 24, I think. I forgot to check XD. Im quite excited to have these extra toons though I have not focused too much on their gear or talents even, as the focus is to merely bust out their levels as fast as I can, so that I can give one to my husband to play with from 60 to 70. Should be nice.

Husband will be back tomorrow. My six weeks of torture will be over. Thankfully, because I’ve just started school and am already finding myself in need of some assistance. So I may be absent for a day or two while I welcome him back home. In the meantime, have a screen shot.