October 24, 2008

Zombies, Emperors, and Giants! Oh My!

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Zombies @ the Flight Master

Zombies @ the Flight Master

Im sure many of you have noticed the zombies by now. They want your brains. If they get you, soon you too will be craving brains as well, unless you meet up with an Argent Healer before you turn. If you do turn, you can pass on the disease to other players and NPCs also. Sound familiar? Thats because back before TBC there was the ZG aids, which was taken away due to the killing of many many lowbies. Now there are healers next to flight points, which will help prevent you from spreading the plague to other zones, but they sometimes end up with more then they can heal…. Either way, the signs are here, Arthas is on his way… are you prepared? (Ha ha ha, Im so funny!)

I logged in last night intending to farm some Cenarion Circle Rep and Runecloth but ended up instead running Fimly’s lowbies and Lady Jess’ alt into BRD with some help from the hubby. Its been a long time since I actually had to do some quests in there and we ended up backtracking a time or two…. but there was very little dying until I had to go AFK and came back to a dead me and a dead hubby priest. By then though we’d been in a few hours and we were getting tired. I believe Fim finished at least five quests. Jess had never seen the place before so I tried to give her what lore I could remember.

During the run however, I walked out with several stacks of runecloth, and took a moment to knock Jack the Pumpkin King off his throne. All in all I hadn’t forgotten how to do most of the instance, and only got lost once on my way back to the bar from the top of the arena event. 

I’ve still got a whole bucket of stuff to do, and with Christmas fast approaching I have that to worry about too. CC rep is still on the top of the list, which when done, will give me like 23 more reputations to grind to exalted. 20 mounts bought, 30 more to go, and the halloween achievements still require attention. I’ll get on that, right after I finish running the Hunter Duo around for their candy bucket XP.

I had pictures for you but due to an unexpected computer error, it will have to wait.


October 20, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

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It was a very busy weekend. I have been plugging away at Cenarion Circle rep and trying to get some achievements done. I did the quest chain to summon all the Dukes in Silithus, including the one that used to be a 20 man raid at level 60. It took me 3 days to get all the mats to summon him, and five people less then a minute to take him down. It netted me a whole 1,000 rep, which really is not worth it considering 10 twilight texts give 500 rep a shot. Oh well, it was still nice to finally see that line done.

Durning the weekend I upped my achievements done to 142 thanks to the help of my guild. We went into ZG, AQ20, AQ40 and SSC recently to get some achievements done. They also cleared ZA but I was not online for that one. 

Honesty is a great policy

Honesty is a great policy

As for the title of this post? Well I was in the AH looking at glyphs and such and came across a stack of 4 Scrolls of Recall 2, which I bought for 12 gold. They weren’t red to me and I handn’t read the tooltip fully. I walked away happy with my purchase. However, just a minute later, I got a tell from a nice guy named Xuz, who asked if I was 200 Inscriptioning. I said no, sorry, and carried on my way. He however proceeded to explain to me that I couldn’t use the scrolls if I wasn’t, and he’d buy them back full price, AH cut and all. He didn’t have to do that. I honestly didn’t even look at who I was buying from, and I wouldnt have yelled at him if I had. It was my fault I didnt read the tooltip, but his honesty meant a lot to me. He said he hadn’t meant to decieve anyone, and I know he didn’t. I sent back the scrolls but he could have walked away with my 12 gold without a care in the world. Instead he choose to make sure I understood what I bought, and it means a lot to me. So Xuz, this post’s for you!