November 11, 2008

Remembering TBC

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Scourge takes Org

Scourge takes Org

Before I begin this post, I did want to note that I checked out the latest phases of the invasion in both Org and Stormwind today. There were spawns, there were NPCs killing the spawns, and there were multitudes of players running around trying to get a hit in on mobs that give nada. I, being me, checked it out for the lore, for the memory, but then became quickly bored and moved on to what I felt were, bigger and better things. I also hit 62 on my warlock, Wife, today. Woot me. Garen has his lock (the other half of the old duo), to level 68. But I’m not bitter, oh no.



Stormwind Harbor

Stormwind Harbor

Anyways, thinking about this years invasion makes me remember the invasion for the last expansion. If you were there before the Burning Crusade, then you might remember the apperence of Naxx, and the scourge invasion that accompanied it. A lot of us got exalted with the Argent Dawn back then, because attunement was a required thing, and at exalted, it was free.


Soon thereafter, hubby was camping outside our local Walmart in the freezing January morning, waiting for the store to open to pick up two copies of The Burning Crusade. He came home with one collectors edition and one regular, but im good with the regular version. We loaded them up, and hit the install. Personally, I went to bed then. I was exhusted. But Garen stayed up and played right away.

The first few days of TBC were a blur. There was the portal. We’d been itching to go through it for some time. Here it was, and I took a good moment to look at it. It was greenish, with stars, thats about all I remember about that. I also remember that Kazzak wasn’t lurking about in the Blasted Lands anymore. His place was taken by something else (who’s name I cant remember) and Kazzak became Doom Lord Kazzak, we could hear him yelling, but no one could get to him…. yet.

I had a guild to maintain that I needed to shift from endgame, into leveling. I needed to encourage 5 man runs, and groups for questing. Surprisingly, the guild complied, and it went fairly smoothly. I was glad they grouped up some, because the mobs in the new lands were instantly spawning. Each new zone was so colorful, full of quests that were much closer together, and instances that you couldn’t get lost in. (Don’t believe me? Comepare BRD or LBRS to Shattered Halls and you’ll see what I mean.) The cap to level 70 should have taken us just as long as it took to get from 1-60, but there were 70s and flying mounts after only THREE DAYS!

And what came after level 70? Instances of course! The first time we stepped into Shattered Halls we were weary of the 6 man pulls, but when we reached a nine? We just turned around and left. Of course, it isn’t so hard now, but back then? We’d have been squished. Personally I wasn’t in a hurry to get new gear. I had stretched out as much of my hard earned tier 2 as I could, but it was as soon as 63 that I found pieces that could easily have taken their place.

And then came Kara….

And timed instances….

and Moroes…. God how I hated him….

And then it was cleared. How we struggled for months to accomplish the first few bosses and how easily the last few bit the big one. It made me cry a little inside. After that came the 25s, and the coveting of gear, and then the badges that would ruin it for everyone. The theory that epic’s weren’t really epic anymore and then the Sunwell and all the things that make WoW what it is….

But I remember the first few days. The fears, the lag, the dying (OH! the dying!) and I wonder now. I wasn’t prepared then….. maybe I am now…. but will it be the same? Two more days and we’ll know for sure!


August 14, 2008


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I was talking with a friend yesterday and realized I’ve put a lot of time and effort in this game. Its been a few years now and I have over 1 year soild of time played. The up side to this is it means I have a lot of good times and memories to share. Unfortunately I dont have all my screen shots anymore but I made due with what I could find, so for you all, here’s a nice little slideshow of my WoW memories. You can click any picture at any time to take a good look at it 😛

Well WordPress wont let me put the stupid thing in here directly so here’s a link to the slideshow! Enjoy!

July 11, 2008

Top Ten Countdown

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[EDIT] Im about to give up on posting pictures in my blog. I do realize its all kinda wonky, I’ve tried to fix it and can’t. I hope its not too much trouble for you all. I did notice that if you make the window smaller everything falls into place. I need to work on my CSS skills I think

Oh how I miss the good ol’ days. Im late to the show but this shared topic posted by Cathmor on Blog Azeroth who asked

What are your top 10 memories from your time in Azeroth/Outlands? Why are they so memorable? If you had to rank them from least to most memorable, which would come out as the #1 absolute best moment of your WoW career?

10. The First Time I had All Epic Gear — This was only recently actually. I’d always managed to keep a blue trinket or something to that nature, but finally, I managed to obtain every slot in pretty purple goodness for my tank set for my Paladin. ❤

Kara Cleared

Kara Cleared

9. My First Full Kara Clear — Despite its ease now, that only took more then a year to achieve, and I had to reroll from horde to alliance to have ever seen it.

8. Kiting Drak and his Buddies on a Certain Self Centered Restro Druid — In other words, like half of UBRS came a runnin at him. I managed to trap him back in Rend’s room. Was an awesome day even though I had to listen to him whine about it for near on a week.
Pwnt Druid in UBRS

Pwnt Druid in UBRS

7. First Full BRD Clear and a Gander in MC — Back when that crap was ya know, hard. It took a couple of hours but we all got attuned, and accidently pulled the molten giants. Was good for a laugh though.

6. First time I saw Ragnoros — He was HUGE!



5. All Out Balls to the Wall PvP During the AQ Opening Event — It was lag central, I died so much that timer got insane, and I don’t even know if I killed anyone. But I did get booted clear across the zone by a giant ass mob.

AQ Opening Event, Giant Bug

AQ Opening Event, Giant Bug

4. Infusion’s First Downing of Hakkar — The rest of the instance had been easy, but for some reason we could NOT take him down. He had developed this awesome move of “DC whoever has the highest threat” that was really holdin us back, but we did it, and it was good.

3. ZOMG Pet! — Learning the hard way that if you jumped off a ledge to take a short cut in an instance your pet was gonna run the long way around to find you, and he’s bringing friends!

ZG Cleared

ZG Cleared

2. Getting Suspended for Three Hours — When each battlegroup was taken down for three days to upgrade the servers, ours became severely busy with two hour plus queues. We came to find out that it had been pre determined by one server to dilerbertly all come to the same one. So being reasonable people, the Horde and Alliance got together on my ventrilo server and we all rolled on thiers. Made a guild called <We Caused Your Queue>. We sat around in Ironforge spamming needlessly, and for that, I got the suspension.

And the number 1 most memorable time in WoW:

1. Infusion’s Raid On Ironforge! — Oh man that was epic. No one expected it, it lasted for hours, and since it was a PvE server it was a rare occurance. See for yourself!