November 11, 2008

Thank You, Veterans!

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US Armed Forces

US Armed Forces

Thank you to all the armed forces that serve this country and allow me my freedoms! We are forever indebted to you! This thank you includes the Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard, and all reservists and guard members of those respective services! What you do for us is beyond compare and I hope today, you get thanked for it. Please know that you are loved, prayed for, and cared about here at home.

On the note of Veterans Day, As I’ve perused some sites, it occured to me that many people didn’t know that the US Coast Guard is a recongized part of our defenses. They are considered an Active Duty Military. Maybe you aren’t familiar with what they do, so here’s a couple of videos, (THAT I DID NOT MAKE) that I think show case what they do rather nicely!


July 26, 2008

Popcorn! Get Your Popcorn!

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No this is not a post about drama. Well, maybe it is. Today I wanted to share my thoughts about Warcraft Movies. Before we jump right in I want to make sure you are aware that some of these videos contain bad language. I find it amazing how much time and effort go into making these sorts of films. Some are done by studios, some for contests, and then there are those that do it for sheer hobby. I love the ones that tell a story, though sometimes watching an epic battle can be good fun too. Some ended up becoming series as seen with Zinwrath, Illegal Danish and Illegal Danish 2: EFO. Another popular series would be The Grind. Some videos are classics and everyone has seen them, Like Leroy Jenkins and The Onyxia Wipe. Some are newer and less known. I’ve even seen remixesof older videos that are just hilarious. I wish I had the programs and skills required to make this stuff but I simply don’t, nor would I have the time. Some of my husband’s and my favorites include:

I thought I would share these with my reader base! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.