July 10, 2008

Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

Posted in Mutliboxing tagged , , at 6:00 pm by Andrea

Recently, I decided to give multiboxing a try. I’d run into a five boxed shaman and asked him how he does it. He referred me to http://www.duel-boxing.com for more information. Once I found what I needed I fired and up, and was shocked when it actually worked. I started with two hunters and then tried out three mages. While three makes things die faster, it eats up my bandwith and makes the game nearly unplayable, so i think I’ll have to dumb it down to two.

So in the little amount of time I’ve put into this I’ve noticed a few pros and cons. The challenge of controlling two characters at the same time is a difficult one, but once you learn the macros and the mechanics of it all it isn’t so bad. I had to install a second screen so I could easily switch between the two to loot items. This was a pain since I’d never used two screens before but now that it’s all set up Im lovin it. So far I can say the only thing I really dislike about it is the questing. Particularlly item drop quests where I have to swap after each kill and loot with the second toon. Its annoying but still managable.

Im not excatly sure how I’ll benefit from having two hunters or two mages though. Could be fun in PvP, but could also suck really badly. I’ve seen some videos of people doing arenas with thier multiboxes, but that takes skill as movement is a good portion to surviving in an arena setting.  So other then providing myself a new challenge, I have deemed the multiboxing effort to be a (for the most part) waste of my time. However knowing myself I’ll do it anyways. Especially with the cute names I gave the hunters, Hugz and Kissesz.

If you the reader have multiboxed and found great uses for it please fill me in, Im eager to learn! You can comment here or email me at altoholicmom@gmail.com