October 17, 2008

The Smoke Has Cleared

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WoWInterface.com Crashed on me halfway through this post, you will have to search these addons yourself. Sorry.

And I can see a light, I think. Now that the servers are becoming stable, its time to think about where to go from here. I’ve begun working on some achievements (125 done so far!) and I’ve got a new UI. This time I am running Spartan UI with some extra stuff added on. Its a lot less resource heavy then my last UI, but required some .lua file editing to get everything in place. Hopefully though now that its all figured out I can share my mods with you.


Solo, with a target and WIM

Solo, with a target and WIM

SpartanUI – Gives me the pretty graphic at the bottom and the target and character frames. The buttons are modded with Bartender 4.


Auctioneer – Oh how I love thee. All updated and ready to go

Healbot – healing mod, that Im loving for my pally

Recount – Gotta see my standings

Omen3 – looks cool now, if you ask me

Rating Buster – Not sure if this is working with the new stats, but says its updated


Party setup

Party setup

Combustor – Bag Mod


Fubar – technically not updated, but not giving me any trouble.

Atlasloot – I like knowing

BigWigs – Boss mod

DBM – Also a boss mod. If one misses the other usually catches it

Combuctor – All in one bag

Decursive – Cause people dont like dying, apparently

ElkBuffBars – Fancy buff mod

Icehud – I have no idea why I like HuDs, it seems I dont even notice them most the time

MikScrollingCombatText – Big numbers are fun right?

Pallypower – I wouldn’t know how to buff without it

Prat 3.0 – Chat mod makes my life easier

QuestHelper – Updated and easy to use… but no waypoints until Cartographer is ready to go

WIM- Works like AIM, Get it?

October 14, 2008

A Quickie

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Ugh. Got the patch installed, tried to log in for about an hour, then finally got in. Loaded up Pallylust, threw in some talent points for now, and then checked out the achievements. Ive got 91 already on her….. and then the world crashed. Can’t move anywhere, can’t do anything…. So I give up until a bit later… I’ll post what I see when I can actually see it. Sorry folks! But this is excatly how I remember it going… at least Blizz is consistant XD, and Im sure the job is not an easy one, so I am not mad, just don’t want to sit around waiting all afternoon. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it later.