Holy Priest Gear Guide

Welcome to the holy priest gear guide. This gear will have you set for Kara healing and then some. This guide focuses on the players who doesn’t wish to instance grind. Please keep that in mind. All things listed here are with a minimal rep grind or mats grind. Some questing may be required. There is no weapons listed. Unforunately for those, you will have to grind. I suggest Kara badge grinds and you pick up Light’s Justice or the Shard of the Virtuous until you save up 150 badges for Gavel of Naaru Blessings.

OPTIONAL – You can replace the Boots, Belt, Ring and Neck with better items if you are up for a bigger grind. The SSO Healing NeckGuardian’s PvP Belt, The Belt of the Long Road and the Boots of the Long Road are all craftable, grindable and PvPable but take longer and just aren’t worth the effort at this point in my opinion. Most the gems listed also are not epic for that reason. If you wish to grind these please keep in mind you break set bonuses and gem bonuses I took into account when putting this together.

Primal Mooncloth Set

Whitemend Set

Tip for PvP – If you catch this guide during the leveling process, stick it out at 60 and grind honor for a bit in AV. It is the fastest gaining and for some reason  matches at 60 seem to go faster. You will be top of the chain. So if you have time, hang out and rip em up.

Vindicator’s Set
Mooncloth Slippers

Neck — No longer Vindicator’s. Guardian’s Set.
Mooncloth Cuffs

Total stats are such:
174 Intellect
46 Spirit
675 Healing
60 Mana per 5
88 Resiliance

5% Mana Regen while casting
Healing increased by 10% total intellect

6 Yellow Sockets
2 Red Sockets
4 Blue Sockets

Here is what I need to make/get said items with all mats broken down:

864 Netherweave Cloth
96 Arcane Dust
64 Primal Lifes
58 Primal Water
22 Primal Mana
10 Primal Earth
10 Primal Air
10 Primal Fire
8 Netherweb Spider Silk
2 Primal Nethers
50,356 Honor Points
50 Eye of the Storm Marks
10 Alterec Vally Marks
20 Arathi Basin Marks


and a whole lot of cooldowns.

This portion is completed with some help from Dechion:


If you leveled tailoring, don’t sell the greens and blues you make, instead have someone disenchant them for you to save some money on these mats.

Enchant weapon – Major Healing (+81 healing)
8 large prismatic shards
8 primal water
8 primal life

Enchant Chest – Major Spirit (+15 spirit)
2 greater planar essences

Enchant Gloves – Major Healing (+35 healing)
6 greater planar essences
6 large prismatic shards
6 primal life

Golden Spellthread (+66 healing / +20 stam) for Pants
1 rune thread
10 primal life
1 primal nether

Glyph of Renewel (+35 healing / +7 mp5) for head
Thrallmar – Revered/ Honor Hold – Revered

Enchant Boots – Spirit (+5 spirit)
2 greater eternal essences
1 lesser eternal essence

Enchant Bracer – Superior Healing (+30 healing)
4 greater planar essences
4 primal life

Shoulders can have either:

Greater Inscription of the Oracle (+22 healing / +6 mp5)
requires exalted with the Scryers


Greater Inscription of Faith (+33 healing / +4 mp5)
requires exalted with the Aldor

All of this gives:

either 326 or 337 +healing
either +15 or +18 mp5
+20 spirit
+20 stam

and would cost

14 large prismatic shards
8 primal water
28 primal life
12 greater planar essences
1 rune thread
1 primal nether
2 greater eternal essences
1 lesser eternal essence
exhalted with either the Aldor or the Scryers
if added in with the gear list above it would end up as:

172 intellect
66 spirit
104 resiliance
20 stamina
either 67 or 70 mana per 5
either 959 or 970 healing

5% mana regen while casting
healing increased by 10% total intellect

6 yellow sockets
4 blue sockets
2 red sockets


Teardrop Crimson Spinel (+22 healing)
Teardrop Living Ruby (+18 healing)
Teardrop Blood Garnet (+13 healing)

Lustrous Empyrean Sapphire (+4 mana per 5)
Lustrous Star of Elune (+3 mana per 5)
Lusrtous Azure Moonstone (+2 mana per 5)
Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire (+10 spirit)
Sparkling Star of Elune (+8 spirit)
Sparkling Azure Moonstone (+6 spirit)

Brilliant Lionseye (+10 intellect)
Brilliant Dawnstone (+8 intellect)
Brilliant Golden Dreanite (+6 intellect)

Luminous Pyrestone (+11 healing / +5 intellect)
Luminous Noble Topaz (+9 healing / +4 intellect)
Luminous Flame Spesserite (+7 healing / +3 intellect)

Dazzling Seaspray Emerald (+5 intellect / +2 mana per 5)
Dazzling Telasite (+4 intellect / +2 mana per 5)
Dazzling Deep Peridot (+3 intellect / +1 mana per 5)

Soothing Amythest (+11 healing / +6 stamina) (quest)
Royal Shadowsong Amythest (+11 healing / +2 mana per 5)
Royal Nightseye (+9 healing / +2 mana per 5)
Royal Shadow Dreanite (+7 healing / +1 mana per 5)
Purified Shadow Pearl (+9 healing / +4 spirit)
Purified Jaggal Pearl (+7 healing / +3 spirit)


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