UI/Addons I Use

Like my UI? Want to get one just like it? Here’s the magic list of Mods/Addons I use to keep my playing nice and clean. For all of my Addon needs I personally use WoW Matrix to update my addons. You don’t have to… you can find all the updates you need either at Curse or WoWInterface. (All addons are compatible with WotLK)

Spartan UI — This makes the pretty bar and HUD display for myself and my party members. Its self setting up, and requires no help from the user, just install and go.

Atlas Loot — Displays the possible drops from all bosses, and gives information on badge items, rep items, and PvP gear. I use this to research which instance I’d like to go to, and what gear I am aiming for.

Auctioneer — Addon that scans the auction house and saves the average price listed for your own use in easily posting your own auctions.

Bartender 4 — If you downloaded the SpartanUI, it is included with the package. However, if you didn’t, you can get the same effect on your own using this addon. It allows you to move your taskbars around so you don’t have to scroll through them.

Bejeweled — You likely didn’t even notice that I had this one. I love Bejeweled, and now I get to play it whenever I am dead or in flight. Also has its own achievements.

BigWigs — A mod that displays the cooldowns and abilities of dungeon and raid bosses. Helpful when you want to know what to expect.

Cartographer — A map mod that shows all locations and places of intrest in a nice clear and easy to read manner.

Combuctor — An all in one bag, Successor to Bagnon.

Decursive — Purify/Cleanse/Dispell/Etc for dummies. Puts a small clickable box on the screen when a decurse is needed. Just click the box!

Elkano’s BuffBars — Replacement bars that display buffs/debuffs in a larger, easier to read row of bars.

Enchantrix — Displays what items are likely to disenchant into. Wonderful for deciding to DE or sell. (Included with Auctioneer)

FuBar — Toolbar that displays across the top (and/or bottom) of the screen that you can add “Fu’s” to.

  1. BagFu
  2. FactionsFu
  3. MoneyFu
  4. PerformanceFu
  5. SimpleDurabilityFu
  6. WaypointsFu (Use WoWMatrix for this one)
  7. SimpleMicroMenuFu

HealBot — One click healing mod. This makes it possible to never deselect a target but still heal others. Assign heals to a certain mouse button and go.

IceHUD — Heads Up Display located in the middle of the UI. Gives information about your own Health/Mana/Energy/Rage and also gives information on pets and enemys.

Informant — Displays detailed information in the tooltip.

Lightheaded — Attaches to the quest log. Gives information about each quest. Uploaded comments from WoWHead.

MikScrollingBattleText — Scrolling combat text that appears on either side of the HUD. Includes information that happens to you, to the mob, to your pet, and displays crits.

Omen — Threat meter. Shows how far ahead (or behind) you in threat on a mob. Useful for avoiding pulling threat.

PallyPower — Buffing made easy for paladins. Assign what class gets what buff and click on the box.

Prat — Chat modifier mod. Allows for more customization of the chat frame.

QuestHelper — Gives information about where a mob is or an item is that you need for a quest. Also includes routing to help you quest effiently. Goes best with Cartographer.

Rating Buster — Item stat breakdown. Takes all that Agi/Str/Mp5/Etc and puts it into easy to understand info in a tooltip below the item. A MUST HAVE for anyone.

Recount — A damage meter that displays who does how much damage/healing/Etc and can display it for others to see. Useful to seeing how you do compared to others.

tekJunkSeller — Allows you to sell all grey items to a vendor upon opening a merchant window. Requires no extra action.

TomTom — displays an arrow pointing the way to your next objective for a quest or to a waypoint you enter in. Works great with QuestHelper.

WIM — Takes your tells and puts them into instant messenger style windows.



  1. lycanther said,

    For my legion of alts, I strongly recommend the Armory addon http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7952-Armory.html for seeing what’s in whose inventory, who has which recipes, who’s on which quest, etc.

  2. altoholicmom said,

    Wow thanks for this find, I’m gonna check it out!

  3. lycanther said,

    You might also try out Altoholic http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8533-Altoholic.html
    They serve similar functions but I liked the design of Armory better.

  4. aphiske said,

    In another post, you mentioned you had an add on that told you when Divine Plea was up, etc. What add on is this? I have been searching for one forever and still haven’t found one.

  5. altoholicmom said,

    The addon you are looking for is Mik’sScrollingBattleText which the link is listed above. Go into the options for it and click on your cool down alerts. I hope that helps.

  6. Pett said,

    Hi there,
    You need more rest i think


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