January 19, 2011

Ok, Maybe It’s Time For ANOTHER Change!

Posted in Blog, WoW at 9:48 am by Andrea

So, some of you may know that a long while back, I moved my blog to be self hosted. This blog became Altoholics R Us. I loved that site, it was a blast to work on. Sadly, it was hacked, not once, but twice. I lost all of the content from this point forward. I became discouraged and gave up blogging. However, after a long hard look about it, I’ve decided to pick it back up. I’ve created a new blog, a new name, and hopefully, some new goals. So if I haven’t lost you completely, please check back into http://www.hdks.wordpress.com to find my new incarnation of this blog, Hots, Dots, and Kidney Shots. (Catchy, am I right?)

Gimme some time to set it up though. It’s kinda late, but I was excited and couldn’t wait to put a post up. Look forward to it!

And THANK YOU, if you’ve managed to stick around all this time!


P.S. To help old readers relate to the new blog, I’m exporting the entries of this blog to the new one, so you’ve got a sense of history there.

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