October 7, 2008

3 days, 3 hours played

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Is what it took for my darling warlock duo to hit 60. There was a lot of AFK’s though, and I shall hope to do better on the next set. So what is next? Well we’re back to Hugz and Kissesz. They are all transfered over and guilded and ready to go. They will be the next project and starting at level 41, I don’t assume it will take me long. I have no idea why I am leveling all these toons so fiercely. I guess I just want to have some options so once wrath hits, I can just level away.

I’m sorry for the no post in so long, I predicted I was going to be very busy and I was. This Sunday is my 6th year wedding anniversary, but other then that, nothing going on, so hopefully future posts will be better….


So until next time…

Oh and if you wanna get to know me and my husband personally, you can find our family blog over at http://www.loveathome2002.blogspot.com and if you have a personal blog that you’d like added to that blogroll, let me know!

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September 29, 2008

Chaos Ensues

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I Spy!

I Spy!

Ungoro Event
Ungoro Event

So the warlocks hit 50. They are out in UnGoro right now, just running around racking up the XP thanks to the added help of my hubby’s holy priest, Zerehemnah. Let me tell you, those pesky devilsaurs are awfully sneaky. While we were out there, we ran into a special rare event. He doesn’t drop much of anything but it was an event that in my four or so years of playing, and 6 high level toons, I’d never seen before.

After a while hubby had some other stuff he wanted to get done, so he tossed over his laptop to me, and I ran all three on my own. However at the time my desk was a little bit messy, so the whole thing just looked hilarious. He decided to snap a picture. Lets play I Spy. I spy with my little eye, a baby cup, a deodorant bottle, an energy drink, a notebook, and all around chaos. Don’t worry, I’ve since cleaned up my desk. But its an obvious testament to the fact that I spend too much of my life sitting here, and that I definitely have children. Most of what is on my desk is stuff I took from the baby.

So husband was getting pretty bored with WoW. He decided he wanted to try Warhammer, just until Wrath hits, he says. So we spend 100 dollars on two copies, take it home, and install it. The install took about half an hour, but the patch download took three hours! Once we had all that done we fired it up. My craptastic machine actually ran the game beautifully, while Garen’s doesn’t run it much at all. In fact, its unplayable. Kinda ironic if you ask me. Either way, what little bit he did play made him realize just how much he loves WoW, so I’m pretty sure that little bit of expansionitis is over.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears

On a totally non wow related note, my husband’s shop where he works for the USCG is constantly playing pranks on each other. Sometimes its shoe polish in the hat, pieces of uniform soaked in water and then frozen, swapping numbers on the phone, and once someone printed craptons of the same little eerie face and posted them all over my husband’s desk. (we’re STILL finding them). This time, well. My husband loves gummy bears. Loves em. He walked away from his desk and came back later and here is what he found. Makes me laugh to see how our tax dollars are at work here.

Also not WoW related but I’m excited about is that I went and ordered me a new laptop. Its part of the Dell Studio 17 series. It’s got a 17 inch screen, a 2.5 Ghz Processor, ATI something or other expensive ass dedicated video card, and four gigs of ram. I’m quite excited for it. I also ordered it with a back lit keyboard, and with the adobe software I need. Photoshop and elements. All in all the machine is quite nicely built, and cost me 1600 dollars, after shipping. (Shipping btw, to Alaska is 85 dollars. You HAVE to pay for next day shipping, though it wont ship until Oct 14th and estimates will take more then two weeks to get here). Garen says Im in for the longest wait of my life, that it’s worse then waiting for a new baby to arrive. While I was looking at this machine though, hubby got a bug up his butt that he now wants to own the Dell Mini 9. Its a whole of 9 inches big. It’s tiny, and runs with 16gigs of hard drive space and 1 gig of ram. He’s convinced he can make the thing run WoW, but first he has to convince me of why I should pay four hundred dollars for something that he doesn’t need. He already has a fully functional laptop and an Iphone 3G. I think I am going to stick to no on this one. But if anyone else has one, that they got WoW to run on, let me know so I can shut him up.

Other then that, I despise weekends. So much running around, cleaning, and it throws off my entire schedule. Though, my friend Janna showed up for a little bit and presented me with a bottle of wine for my birthday. She’s a little bit early, but we rarely see each other anymore so I was grateful all the same. We also put in our picks on our dreamsheet this week. We’ll hopefully have an idea of where we are moving too by Christmas time. I’ll be sure to fill you all in. I have some big stuff going on in school this week so I am pretty sure I’m going to be really busy. So don’t be shocked if you don’t hear from me much this week. On that note, I’ll be off!