August 28, 2008

Girl Power!

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Remember that popular phrase? If not it came from the Spice Girls in the mid to late 90s. What was their message all about? Mostly that they were girls, they were sexy, and they were famous. It didn’t matter that they were girls, but they were proud to be. What does this have to do with WoW? You’d be surprised. A topic started by Brajana at Mend Pet stated

Brajana wrote:
“The thing is – I don’t see what the big deal is about being a female geek.  I (obviously) do not have a problem with female gamers OR female bloggers.  But I don’t understand why some women seem to think this is such important distinction for their blog.”

In which Breana over at Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick replied with this post. Once that was written, Big Bear Butt responded with his very own post on the topic. Once I’d read all that it got me thinking. Lately there have been a few posts praising the ladies out there, for example, from 35 Yards Out, A Girl, A Gun, and A Stripped Cat, and Critical QQ.

So what does all of this have to do with me? Well, I’ve noticed lately, particularly with all the guild drama that has been going on, that it’s been like we aren’t ALLOWED to be girls. If we in any way shape or form somehow act feminine or say anything that relates the fact that we are female, we get criticized for it. What’s worse is it isn’t really the men complaining, its the other women! And on the other end of that spectrum, if we try to go the other route and play it cool and joke and let it all hang loose (Just a term, don’t get too excited), we get slammed for being cheap, easy, or an e-Whore.

It wasn’t that long ago that women and men became what we call “equal”. But even in our “modern times” we still really aren’t. Though we can hold the same jobs, make the same pay, and vote on the same stuff, women cannot be women, unless they are prepared to take the flak that comes with it. Something as simple as putting a modifier in your blog title that announces that you are in fact, female, can and will be judged. It is assumed that you are USING being female to attract people to read your input. Even if that isn’t the case.

In WoW, if the other guildmates are joking about sex, and I chime in, its quickly determined that I’m a whore. Nevermind that I’m married, with children, and not really interested in anyone else. Any sort of joke with sexual relation involved means I want you to spam me with tells about how you are single and horny. Why is it I cannot be just part of the conversation and not have it really mean anything? Oh right, because I’m a girl. I am not allowed to just be human, or to joke, or socialize, or heaven forbid, enjoy sex. All those things would be, ya know. Just TERRIBLE.

Girls don’t play WoW right? WRONG! So very wrong. An easy HALF of my guild is female. And no, we’re not all married. We are not all mothers, and not all of us are old, either. Some are thin and beautiful, some have had better times, I’m sure. However such as is the case in Real Life, we all have breasts, and we make up HALF of the world’s population. So why then, is it such a shock when we do things that 10 million other people on the planet do everyday?

I agree that I don’t understand what the big deal is about being female in ANY community. Be it WoW, Blogging, or just around town. However, I also agree that it should be OK for us to BE FEMALE. If I wanna say I’m a chick, it doesn’t mean its a crutch, its just what I AM! Aren’t I allowed to be me? I give props to Breana and any other girls out there who are female, who are who they are, and don’t take the crap that comes their way because of it. And really on that note, PROPS THE THE MEN TOO! We are equals are we not? We love that you guys go out of your way to affirm our position on the scale of equalness and awesomeness to you. When push comes to shove we love having you around too.

So on that note, I’m gonna continue to be. 23 years old. Mother of two, Wife, WoW player, College Student and, oh yes, I have BOOBS. No you can’t touch them, stare if you must but it wont get you anywhere, just as it doesn’t get me anywhere either. You’ll get over it, eventually.


Abusin the Recruit a Friend

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Yup, sorry for no post. I got distracted by a couple of hunters, and their 3x XP gain. I’m having a blast running the two of them around, despite the fact that it kinda takes away from my primary goal of grinding out the gold cap. I went on over and made a brand new trial account, fired up two hunters (Hugz and Kissesz, as they were named before) and took to the streets, so to speak. The plan is to level the two of them up to 59, grant all of the bonus levels to my alt priest, ding em 60, and transfer the shiny new extra hunter to my husband’s account. If Ive still got time I might fire up a second pair. I’m thinking Mage and Shaman. Mage for myself, and the shaman for the hubby. However I’m not entirely sure I want to bother with a shaman at all, so it might end up being a druid instead. The second set of free dingage with either also go to the priest, or to my warlock to be. Or perhaps I’ll grant all of the extra levels to a brand new toon, one I don’t particularly feel a desire to level.

Hugz N Kissesz

Hugz N Kissesz

The levels seem to be flying by so quickly for these toons. I know I spent at least the single digit levels dinging every five or so minutes. Now both toons are sitting at a lovely level 24, I think. I forgot to check XD. Im quite excited to have these extra toons though I have not focused too much on their gear or talents even, as the focus is to merely bust out their levels as fast as I can, so that I can give one to my husband to play with from 60 to 70. Should be nice.

Husband will be back tomorrow. My six weeks of torture will be over. Thankfully, because I’ve just started school and am already finding myself in need of some assistance. So I may be absent for a day or two while I welcome him back home. In the meantime, have a screen shot.

August 24, 2008

All In A Day’s Work

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Well it wasn’t really WORK, I’d say. more like a liquidation sale. I cleaned out my personal vault today. Posted anything and everything I don’t use. When all was said and done I kept a few rep items, some primal mooncloth, 30 some odd Large Prismatic Shards and 40 void crystals. Everything else went up. So far nearly everything has sold. mostly low level items left. So cleared out three full vault tabs and what do you suppose I made?

2738 GOLD!

Thats right. All that in one day. Not too shabby. Now to refill those tabs to sell out again.

August 21, 2008

Its All About The Music

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Its time yet again for another BA Shared topic! Today’s topic is your theme song, brought to us by Autumnn.

For Librasky, My longest played character at 192 days played and now retired, her song would have to be, “The End” By My Chemical Romance.

Pallylust was until recently my most active character. I have to say Im getting pretty bored with her really anymore so lately I’ve not played much. But for her, I’d say Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle would be her song of choice

As for Poofnstab? Well she’s still a very young baby as far as the rest of my toons go, but she’s learning about the world pretty quickly. Her song of choice would have to be Miss Independant By Kelly Clarkson.

I’m only going to do the three characters as the rest have not been played in a while and I’d have to really play them again to decide on songs for them 😛 And I’m too lazy for that

What A Lucky Day

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Wow, yesterday was a day for loots for sure. I ended up with 7new items yesterday. And I was also able to finally get my head enchant all for the rogue. It was interesting that it worked out that way, but now with all the new stuff I only have two more items to replace. Which means I am done with my PvP grind for now. All in all I walked out with:

All in all a very lucky day, considering the Gruul’s and Mag’s runs were PuG’s. I feel like I should have bought a lotto ticket or something. Either way all that is left to replace is the current trinket with one from H. MgT (The Shard of Contempt) and the neck with the one from SSO Rep. Hopefully both will come fairly quickly and I can be done with this gear grind. So far we’re above 1700 AP and right near or at 30% crit. I’m told that its a great start. Eventually I’ll want to replace the PvP gear with PvE, though. Soon as the rogue is all done and the gold farm starts Im sure I’ll be hating the game even more, but once I get it in my head I’m gonna do something, I go do it. So here goes nothing.

August 20, 2008

WTB 50k Honor, PST

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Well maybe its not that much anymore. I’m not sure. I’ve been PvPing on my rogue EVERYDAY for nearly a month now, and with how terrible the Alliance is in our Ruin Battlegroup, it’s taken me twice as long as I thought it would. However I am nearing that home stretch. Ive just got my boots, a ring, and some bracers to go. Then I should have all the PvP pieces I need to beginthe ultimate goal. Before that though I need to wrap up my SSO and Aldor rep so that I can have that shiny new neck piece as well. Then it shall be off to the gold grind.

So what’s the plan? Well, I haven’t got it all figured out yet but here’s some ideas to make that gold grind go faster. And no, I don’t intend to play the auction house game by buying low and selling high. I’ll gamble when I have money to gamble with, and no sooner.

  • Of course I’ll do my dailies each day, its an easy 200g a day
  • Up in Blade’s Edge Mountains there are some serpents flying around. They drop the meat used for the spell damage food. They also skin for knothide leather and have a chance to drop windscales which sell on my server for about 12g each. Seems like a good grinding spot. Only thing to watch out for is one of the Sons of Gruul that roams around
  • Hitting Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. While usually over farmed, during the late night hours that I play I can usually get a good thing going with the water elementals. I clear one side and then the other, fish up the pure water spots and then go around again. Its a constant system and the motes drop at a 62% rate. Primal water sells for 25g each.
  • Cobra scales in ShadowMoon Valley. While not much else around then the Naga the scales sell for around 40g each one. It took me an hour to get the four I needed to have my leg enchant made.
  • Air Elementals in Shadowmoon Valley. Either the ones by the drakes or the ones behind the aldor city. These have a lower drop rate then the waters do, but sell for more at 30g a piece on our server.
  • Aldor Rep Items at Legion Hold. Everyone is Aldor it seems. At the top of Legion Hold are some warlocks, four to spire, three spires across. They drop gold, netherweave cloth, greens, and of course, Marks of Sargaras and Fel Armenants. These don’t sell for a lot per say, but the warlocks instantly respawn and make them extremely easy to farm.
  • The Dead Mire in the Zangermarsh. Ideally this is best for an herblist but a non herblist can do it too. You start at one side and work your way around. The bog lords have a chance of dropping motes of life which sell for about 20g each on our server. But oddly enough its all the grey crap you get that makes it a great farm spot.

So what do I do once I’ve filled up my bags with goodies to sell? Well….

  • All grey items get vendored off immediately. If I’ve got full bags this can net me about 12g a go. I don’t ever throw anything away, its worth the gold to run back and clean out the bags.
  • While I’m farming I send everything to a bank alt. She holds stuff for me until I’m ready to sell it, including my gold. I never have more then 50g on any of my active alts, or I might feel inclined to spend it.
  • Once on my bank alt I post everything that is of white quality or better on the AH. Even if you think it doesn’t have a value you’d be surprised what sells. When I have large amounts of something unless I know its in high demand (ie Stat Food or Primals) I section it off into smaller more usable stacks and post no more then 10 stacks of an item. Otherwise I may flood the market and sabotage my own efforts.
  • When I have something really rare, I check the current going prices for that item. If they are lower then I’d like it to be I wait. Eventually those ones will sell and the way will be clear for me to name my price. If you don’t wish to wait you’ll need to undercut your competition by at least 10 percent if you really want it to sell. Remember you want your buyer to think they are robbing you.
  • When it comes to rep items I try to get the stacks up to max. I always found it a pain to have to buy 10 marks of sagaras here and 2 more there. Stack em up before you post ’em.
  • I don’t post green items. I have them DE’d by my husband’s priest. I hang on to the mats until I hear people complain about how stupid expensive they’ve gotten, then I post them. Enchanting mats are not something most people can or will farm, so they ALWAYS sell.

That’s pretty much it. Andrea’s how to farm gold and sell it properly plan. Now that you’re all enlisted go have a go. Good luck with it.

August 17, 2008


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That’s right folks. I call Shenanigans. On what you say? Guild politics and drama. Having been a guild leader and an officer almost my entire WoW career Ive seen many many different dramas and shenanigans. Every guild has them. Even I myself am not immune to my own. This is what happens when you bring a large amount of people and stick them into one place. Some have been more serious then others. Some are just big headaches rather more then anything else, and some are just downright hilarious. So without further ado, I share with you some of the Shenanigans I’ve delt with.

First up we have from back in the days of WoW Pre BC, some drama that became a server spectacle. I unfortunately do not have screen shots of these events in particular, but trust me, it was hilarious.

Once upon a time when I ran my guild <Dead> I’d been searching for more people. I was contacted by another guild leader of the guild <Hordy Bass Terds>. After some talking with my own co-leaders and his, we decided a merge was doable and he brought over his guild to mine. I had roughly 200 members and he had the same, and before we knew it, with added recruitment we had a guild of over 500 people. This being the first guild I’d ever run I had no idea how much drama that would make. At first we had small issues. <HBT> had been a guild of no rules. Say what you want, freedom of speech sort of thing, and <Dead> had been its opposite. Go ahead, be funny, but respect your fellow guild mates sort of deal. The kicker of disagreements came on a ZG run, when the GM of <HBT> (I’m gonna give his name as these event lead to his quitting the game), Ballsycow, Stood under the bat boss in ZG and wiped us, claiming he didn’t know standing next to her would do that. In that very same raid he asked us what a mana pot was, and when we told him, he proceed to message every healer to make sure they too, knew what a mana pot was.

After a while we had it with his noobishness and unruly guild members. We asked him to take his guild and go. And they did. But not quietly. It was only a day or two before I seen him in trade, in the global LFG channel (glad that’s gone) and in the realm forums, trying to bash my name. Luckily I had some awesome guildies and support from other guilds on the other server that this man was truly an idiot. He recruited for his newfound guild with promises of “Epix” from their MC runs. First one that dropped that they applicant could use would be theres.

Pretty soon they had every known ninja and idiot on the server in the guild. People began to thank him for collecting all these folk into one guild tag so they could avoid them. However despite his successes he continued to bash on me publicly. I finally had enough and broke my silence and when I did, all hell broke loose. What had been simply “Chroniclust sucks, she’s a bitch!” turned into nitty gritty personal attacks, to the point where I finally reported him for bringing my marriage and children by name into a public forum of bashing. People ragged on him so much that he quit playing, but not before posting on our realm forums that he was playing on a private server, complete with a link. Intelligent guy really.

After that first experience I swore never again would I deal with that sort of thing, and everything went smoothly for a long time. It wasn’t until long into my <Infusion> days that I crossed another “Ballsycow”. Except this guy was opposite, he knew it all, and you WILL listen to him. Eventually I got mad enough that I yelled at him, and he immediately Gquit. But not without telling me he was the WoW God and I needed to bow down to him. I decided it was time for a reality check.

Reality Check

Reality Check

I kept the names in as most of these members don’t play anymore. But as you can see the guild wasn’t all that fond of him either, as I didn’t assume they’d be. Nowadays I don’t run a guild anymore. I got sick of dealing with the personal aspect and I had dramas of my own to deal with. However now that I’ve been an officer in AaA, I’ve come across a few incredibly interesting scandals in our guild. First being that of a player we had that was gay, and liked to give the guild details of his escapades. It was almost sickening. I can take a detailed sexual conversation, but some of the stuff he pulled was downright disgusting.

He eventually was removed and I thought all was well. However I came across more drama fairly recently. One guild member who is young and female, apparently had some issues when she became infatuated with an older male member. There was a guild camping trip not to long ago that resulted in an unintentional hook up. He didn’t want to stay involved, but she did. She pestered him and sent nude pictures of herself to him. When he rejected her she moved on to said no removed gay member. She sent him the same pictures, and he, in turn, posted them on our realm forums. It was a huge disaster. People sat in Ironforge spamming “PST AaA for a good time!”. We had to remove her. She changed her name, reapped to the guild with the new name and a new spec. All of this was done to cover her ass. (Ha ha ha funny right?) However its proved pretty pointless as everyone refers to her by her former name and she’s continued her antics.

Boob Chat Anyone?

Boob Chat Anyone?

So as you can see, you can’t avoid the drama. You can’t run from it. You can’t stop it. But occasionally, Its funny to go back and look on it and shake your head over all the trouble something so simple caused. I’m still working on my abilites to handle such dramas. I can’t help but be amused by the things people do because its “online”. Hopefully though the shenanigans won’t be so serious that we have to run someone off the server again XD

August 16, 2008

Come On Now, Its Not That Hard

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This is what I get I guess for being fairly well known, and having a tanking toon. Today a few in my guild were involved in a PuG Gruul’s Run. Not a big deal there’s tons of those going all the time, so I thought I’d give a hand and thus was invited on my rogue. I was excited for you see, she of course could benefit from the DST like every other melee in the game. So I pop in, raid is filled up, we buff and go. The count down is started and everyone appears to be in place.

The pull goes and is successful. Myself and the other melee take down the healer. It takes us longer then it should because it would seem I’m the only one interrupting heals. After just a minute or two I hear that we lost a tank, then we lost HKM’s tank as well. That’s a wipe. Immediately PuGs start leaving. Now that’s the part that bothers me. You get in on a PUG (key word there), don’t expect it to be flawless! Besides that if everyone knows their roles it shouldn’t be THAT hard. If you don’t know, just ask. I refer to this chart:

Raid Group 101

Raid Group 101


Btw I have no idea where that picture came from. If its yours, then speak up and I’ll be happy to give credit. But anyways, so we lose a good chunk of people, including a tank. Soooo I have to swap over to my Paladin, Pallylust. Once on her we rebuild the group this time with a few more guildies and get back underway. Low and behold one shot all the way. I even Main Tanked Gruul without an issue at all. Pretty flawless really. Why the PuG couldn’t pull it off is beyond me though.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Pallylust of course does not need anything from the place except maybe some tokens for her Ret Set PvP gear. So Im just jumping around not paying attention until I realize what is up to be rolled on. Yup, you guessed it, the DST. I’m not usually frustrated by this sort of thing, but today, I wanted to cry. Added on top of all the real life crap going on, it was like the cherry on top. At least though, it went to another guildie who won with a roll of 96. Grats to him.

In the meantime, I’ll not be doing any more PuGs for a while.

August 14, 2008

A little blog goes a long way

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So readers, you may have noticed a lack in posts about the upcoming expansion. Its not that I’m not excited about it, I am. I’m also a little nervous too. I hate major changes that make me feel like I know nothing about this game I’ve played for years now. However that too, is not why I don’t bother to post much about it. I do from time to time see things that I feel are noteworthy and awesome, and I share them. But for the most part I know that its over done. Many many other blogs and news sources post upcoming Beta information and I don’t feel I have a need to express too many opinions on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m estatic for some changes. The new tanking and healing abilities for the paladin will make that character the most versatile one I’ve ever rolled. She’ll be awesome, she’ll be in demand, and it will be fun to try it out. She is also my blacksmith and with the addition of socketing items to blacksmithing I feel I will be able to do more with her then I previously have. As for my other characters I hear that rogues are getting a nerf of sorts, but haven’t seen much on it. I haven’t bothered to check out the warlock changes too much because I don’t want to get sucked back into the horde right now. However the hunter pet changes have really caught my eye and rather then going back to my horde hunter I’ll likely multibox my alliance ones so both husband and I can have some fun with it.

But really, while I’m excited and I too read all the news and updates I can find, I did not apply for nor receive a beta key. I would rather have the whole rush of something new and the joy of discovering it all for the first time AS I level. I don’t want to be bored with it before it even counts ya know?

So this blog is here, and I will share any tidbits of interest I find. But the Beta and expansion are in no way my primary focus and you wont find much of it here. I prefer to live the game that is and look forward to what will be. So content wise look forward to a breath of fresh air, as all the hype about Beta is best left to the folks at WoW Insider.


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I was talking with a friend yesterday and realized I’ve put a lot of time and effort in this game. Its been a few years now and I have over 1 year soild of time played. The up side to this is it means I have a lot of good times and memories to share. Unfortunately I dont have all my screen shots anymore but I made due with what I could find, so for you all, here’s a nice little slideshow of my WoW memories. You can click any picture at any time to take a good look at it 😛

Well WordPress wont let me put the stupid thing in here directly so here’s a link to the slideshow! Enjoy!

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