September 15, 2008

Vini Vidi Vici!

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I haz A Bucket

I haz A Bucket

My charatcer’s move to their new server with Fimly’s, Lady Jess, and their guild Mythos is complete and successful. So naturally, I had to break in my toons to the new server. I took Husband’s Shaman, Juicepig into good old Deadmines for a run on my rogue. There was autoswinging, there was dying (for the mobs) and there was plenty of boxes to sit in. Hubby walked out with lots of shiny new upgrades for his shaman, though.

Poofnstab stealthed into SV and got her second key frag without once ever breaking her stealth. I was proud of that. Stealthing makes me nervous. It’s like I suddenly develop a twitch or something. Anyways, I was so set that it had been easy, that I went and tried to stealth Arc as well. I got all the way to the key frag guy, but couldn’t down him before a VW would kill me…. I tried three times, then did a run with Fimly’s and other guildies. Good times. Got the key frag, as did three others, too. Now, on to Old Hills

My warlock duo went from level 24 to level 29 thanks to the help of the Hubby and his priestly clears of SM. Oh man its so much fun to watch a priest pretend to be a mage. He just plowed through mobs with his holy nova. Was such a pretty sight.

So, WotLK, November 13th. Im not keen on this really. It just feels too soon. Perhaps I sound insane but it does. So… can I get the warlocks done and a second set well on their way before then? We’ll see.


July 23, 2008

Its A Mixed Bag!

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Alright so I admit juggling the kids and WoW and keeping the house clean is a little tougher then I suspected it would be, but I shall prevail! Its been a couple of days since my last post and I apologize for that. So here’s the scoop on stuff going on lately:

  • They made me their leader!
  • Discussion of the new abilities currently tested in Beta
  • It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone, they’re not going to forget me
  • Success in the LNT

They made me their leader!

My friends will tell you they saw that coming. Hell I saw it coming. I don’t know what it is that where ever I go I get put into a leadership position but it seems to always happen. I guess im a people person. Ale and Arms was so kind as to grant me officership in the guild and charge me with helping to lead the LNT group. I’ve been recruiting heavily and lately have been leading runs in our other officer’s absence. I’m quite excited though, despite my original desire to, “lay low”. There is real potential here and it just might be able to get off the ground.

Discussion of the new abilities in Beta

If you take a gander at and scroll half way down you’ll see the posted patch notes for the current beta test. Posted there are some topics of major discussion for my guild. There are many concerns over the changes to the Paladin tank, and the removal of blessing of sanctuary. Also Righteous Fury says it increase threat generated by holy spells by 90 percent! That’s insane! There has been a lot of debate of what the Paladin tank will turn into but I think we’ll have to wait for more information before we can start to get a clear view. Shaman have also been a hot topic, but its excitement. Totems going raid wide and Windfury becoming a 20 percent base haste increase that is constant rather then a proc is a favorite among our melee.

It doesn’t matter how long I’m gone, they’re not going to forget me

I stopped playing my warlock last September, and traded over to the Alliance. Once I had disbanded my long running guild the tell hell became ten fold worse and I just wanted to be left alone. I had thought enough time would have passed and I’d have been forgotten, but it wasn’t the case. I logged in and 6 people immediately messaged me, and more after that. I did some SSO dailies just to try my lock out again, and then logged out. While I miss her, I’m not sure I can ever return to her full time. The expansion will decide her fate I’m sure.

Success in the LNT

I’ve been recruiting my butt off lately for our LNT team. I even went so far as to pull a no-no and post recruitment on other realm forums. (To justify it, we’re literally playing in the middle of the night, there aren’t many that can raid that hour). However its paid off. We had enough people log on and eager to go to run two Kara’s again. 5 more people and I’d have tossed em into Mag’s or something. Its looking promising and I’m excited to see it pay off! I have a lot of work to do first but we’re getting there! Wish us luck!

I’m also working on a post in my head that will be far more interesting then my daily rantings (I hope!) 😛 Stay tuned.

July 20, 2008

As The Dust Settles…

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So I was gone for a few days from WoW and Blogging alike. I tried really hard to make sure we were all caught up in the daily life stuff so that my husband’s absence would be easier to manage. We did manage a lot but not everything I would have liked to. So far the children seem pretty good, but its only been an hour or so :P. LOL 1 hour down, forty days to go. Anyways, in the time I’ve been gone I noticed a few things went down in the WoW community, including

While I could probably say a hundred things about the list above I think I’ll just summarize since it seems enough has been said already. I actually dislike expansions. It makes me feel noob all over again, and when they drastically change one of my main characters it makes it that much more tiresome. My paladin is going to change, and I’ll adjust to it. Am I excited for it? Not really. I’ll go more into that at a later date. I could say the same thing about the Beta, except I am grateful for the occasional heads up so I can be less angry at the changes when they come. I wish I’d been present for the TNB live show, I’m sure it was good fun. I however was trying to spend some quality time with the husband and kids so we instead watched the series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender together. The Achievements announcement sounds exciting though. I love little things like that and I’m certain I will shoot to get every single one I can.

Now that we’re past our summary of stuff I missed, I thought I’d share that my rogue has been level 68 for nearly two weeks now. I have no idea why I cant seem to just finish her off, but I will get on it asap now. Once she has her level, and some decent gear I’ll begin work on my next toon(s), the duel boxing hunters. Ive been toying with the idea of a shadow priest for some time now, but I have a holy one horde side. I’m just not sure I really want to respec her after all the work I put into crafting the gear she has. So I remain undecided about her. I really shouldn’t be thinking about this stuff at all until my rogue is finished though.

I did however log onto my warlock last night for a tiny bit. I left her about a year ago now on the old server as she was the GM of Infusion, and was constantly in Tell Hell. I somehow had thought that if I abandoned her for a year or so people would forget about me. Turns out they don’t. I logged in and was on no more then three minutes when three old guild mates gave me the standard “OMG ITS YOU” tell. I of course told them, “No its not, its just a figment of your imagination.” We chatted about content they’ve seen and they tell me how much they miss me and our guild. All in all polite conversation. A fourth eventually figured me out as well but his question was if I was coming back full time. Im not entirely sure what I wanna do. I love all my toons and now I feel like I need to pick a side.

I had logged on to Librasky to simply get her started on some SSO rep. When I left her oh so long ago, she was in near full season 2 gear. Now that’s the welfare stuff. Makes me sad. So I think I might start logging on in between the toons and get used to playing my lock again by doing her SSO dailies each day and that’s about it. Don’t tell anyone but I died twice trying to remember how to play her. Once the rogue is 70 I also plan to go on a crusade to hit the gold cap on at least one toon. Wish me luck on that.

Anyways that should catch us up to the present, I’m gonna go get started on a double rep grind and I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.