December 31, 2008

Out with the Old…

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Another year goes by. 2009 is about to arrive, and my husband so graceously pointed out to me that 1999 was ten years ago. Do you remember that song they played everywhere that year? It’s time to party like its 1999? Yeah, that’s gonna be stuck in my head all day now. Thanks dear.

So 2008 brought a lot of changes for me. I don’t like guild hopping but it seems we did a lot of that this year. We started in Remnants, moved on to Ale and Arms, changed servers and joined Mythos, and now we’re on our own again. 

During 2008, I made new friends, said goodbye to an old one, cleared content I never dreamed I would see, and waited like everyone else for the expansion to hit.

But also in 2008, I started this blog. July 3rd 2008 to be percise. I have found that blogging increases my enjoyment of the game. It gives me a chance to share my views of the WoW Universe with others, and to recieve feedback. Also, its a chance to share the guides I make so more people benefit from them then just me.

2009 is going to be a tough year for me. Since I’m guildless atm Im taking time to do other things, and level alts. Come June I’ll be moving on orders (location unknown yet). It could take a week or more to get to where we are going, and of course, I still have my classes to worry about. However, I’m sure I’ll pull through…. 

Some New Years Resolutions?

1. Spend less time worrying about achievements

2. Focus on the alts a little bit, they need some lovin’, too.

3. Spend less, Save more.

Yeah… thats all I’ve got. But that last one just might kill me anyways.


Happy New Year everyone!


December 28, 2008

Farewell, Mythos

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I am sad to annouce that I recently departed my guild Mythos. I had severe disagreements with the way the guild was handled, and found that comprimise could NOT be reached. Granted, its far more involved then I am letting on, but I refuse to say much about it… no sense making drama out of this…. So hubby, Dechion and I have parted ways with them. (Though I’m sure Dech has his own reasons for leaving…I’ll let him tell his story.) Either way, no hard feelings. There are quite a few people I will miss… but it just wasn’t going to work for me.

So for now, I’ve stuck my toons into one of my own “holder guilds” I call them. Its not fun to run around as an unguilded healer. You get lots of spam. So holder guild it is… until I figure out a new home for us. 

So… now with all the snow outside… and the no guild thing in the game… its feeling pretty boring in my life atm. I’ll work on being more interesting.

December 26, 2008

A Meme

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I’ve been tagged by that lovable hunter over at Dechion’s Place… The meme, originally started by One Among Many simply asks:

Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a few folks to see who they call out.


Dechion Commented first, followed by Asara, and Larisa all on my post… An Introduction, of Sorts.

They all wished me good luck and welcomed me to the blogosphere! I started out not knowing where I wanted to take this blog… and I still really don’t know, but I’m having fun anyways stumbling my way around and ranting about whatever comes in front of me. However, this blog is here to stay. Merry Christmas everyone…. oh and I don’t tag anyone… this meme has been around for a while now.

December 23, 2008

Lake Wintergrasp

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Naxx PuG

Naxx PuG

Hello Blogosphere. I appolgize for the lack in updates lately, I spent the good chunk of the last week sick in bed, the first two days I litterally slept… and after that, I wandered out into Azeroth to try my hand at a run here and there… I got in on a PuG Naxx, my first run, and was second in overall heals by 1% behind a druid (Which isn’t bad in my opinion, druids always kick my ass in overall total). We got Patchwerk and uhm… crap… a spider dude. I didn’t get any drops, but it was fun to learn. It was a full pug so the fact that we got anything is a shock at all. However, that isn’t what this post is about, I just wanted to catch you up in the latest ongoings that I missed out on posting over my very very sick weekend.


Lake Wintergrasp. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. Perhaps you’ve ventured on over there. I don’t PvP as much as I used to, but I do like to go in now and again and give it a go. Yes, even on my PvE healers. However, Lake Wintergrasp is more than just a massive open world PvP zone, its also the best farming zone in the game, less skinning. You got your herbs (The only zone in the game that has nodes for frost lotus on its own) you got your mining nodes (titanium and saronite, haven’t noticed any cobolt). And then, theres the eternals. Every kind of eternal can be farmed here, and whoever wins the zone doesn’t only get the buff that gives the spirit shards, you also are able to see the Revenants. These mobs promise at least 1 crystalized element, but can possibly give up to 3.


Assault on the Main Gate

Assault on the Main Gate

Also, there are more dailies out here! (All quests are level 80 and give gold, honor and a spirit shard)



  1. Victory in Wintergrasp
  2. Stop the Siege
  3. Fueling the Demolishers
  4. No Mercy for the Merciless
  5. A Rare Herb
  6. Bones and Arrows


  1. Victory in Wintergrasp
  2. Stop the Siege
  3. Fueling the Demolishers
  4. No Mercy for the Merciless
  5. The Battle for Lake Wintergrasp
    The Battle for Lake Wintergrasp

    A Rare Herb

  6. Bones and Arrows

So what is Lake Wintergrasp? Simply put, it’s a PvP zone. Even on a PvE server you will flag if you go there. This means that the opposing faction can kill you, many times if they so choose. However, I have noticed on my own server that outside of the actual battle, the Horde and Alliance ignore each other if they are farming… this is not always the case, I got a certain DK I owe a face smash in to myself.

The Battle for Lake Wintergrasp

So you wanna PvP with the other kids? Don’t know what you’re doing? Don’t worry, I didn’t either. Mostly I just run around and heal people which is all good. But in case you wanna KNOW what you’re doing, let’s break it down for you. First you should know that whoever won the zone in the last game is going to be defending it in the next game. If you are on the defensive, then it is your job to prevent the opposing faction from breaking through your walls…. if you are on the offensive, then you will need to grab up some seige weapons and start breaking stuff.

To get a seige weapon on either side you need to achieve a rank via kills during the battle. These ranks are:

  1. Corporal – Wintergrasp Catapult
  2. First Lieutenant – Wintergrasp Siege Engine
  3. First Lieutenant – Wintergrasp Demolisher


Epic Battle

Epic Battle

To win the battle, either defend the fortress from the opposing faction for the duration of the game, or defeat the defenders by breaching the inner most doors and touching the golden orb for ten seconds without interuption (similar to the flags in AB). If one side outnumbers another Blizzard has given a buff that can stack up to 20 times (depending on how badly you are outnumbered) that increases Health, Spellpower, Health Regen, and Damage output by a large number. So fear not, if you are outnumbered, you become the unstoppable force.


Winning also unlocks a PvE encounter that can be ten manned or 25 manned, and offers tier 7 equivelent loot. So doing some PvP offers some PvE bonuses. Not to mention some of the turn ins for the spirit shards are Bind to Account which means you can send them off to low level alts and the gear will scale for them as the level. Pretty awesome stuff.

I had the chance to go into Wintergrasp last night and not only found 6 of my guildies already in battle, but also two full raid groups of alliance battling a full on onslaught from the horde. I was only in the battle for the last seven minutes but I walked out with over 240 kills and nearly 2k honor. Not bad for seven minutes… so put on that war paint and get out there, its worth exploring.

December 19, 2008

Happy Non Denominational Winter Season!

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For a vast majority of people, this weekend marks the beginning of winter break! Now we don’t wanna be pickin favorites here, as not everyone celebrates Christmas… so here’s some Winter Joy brought to you by Calvin and Hobbes… not not the BRK sort… the kind! Enjoy!



Basic Training

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Heroic Nexus

Heroic Nexus

Thats what I’m going to call this. Yesterday was an exhusting day for me. I ended up running three heroics (Violet Hold, The Nexus, and Uteguard Keep) with Lady Jess at my side throwing the heals. (Two healers in a heroic?! You read right, we have the awesome tank and DPS to pull this off, and successfully did so with PuGs. This is a very good option for healers when getting to know how the heroics work.) I also ran three regular runs as well… making for six runs total. Poofnstab hit 73 yesterday as well, and my DK, Darkenedlust, is nearing very close to 64. In terms of WoW it was a very productive day… in terms of my real life? Well, I did get off the couch to have a smoke here and there.


So, all of these runs netted me Revered with the Kirin Tor. Why them first? Well… this little head enchant would be the reason. Now that I’ve netted myself that, I’ll move on to the next rep. Ideally, this would be the Argent Crusade, for this helm and this ring… but since I’ve not gotten their tabbard yet, I’ll work for the Wrymrest Accord. After Argent Crusade, the goal is to work on the Sons of Hodir (whom I also don’t have a tabbard for yet… bad Andrea…. bad bad Andrea.) for their lovely shoulder enchants.

Finally, after many many runs in various regular instances, I got my first upgrade from an instance run… these shoulders… which have now nearly pushed me over the 1700 number on my spell power. Its getting easier and easier to heal but there are some encounters that make me nervous. Hopefully that will fade soon. Until then I’m taking that stripper…. I mean LADY Jess, along for the ride.

December 18, 2008

Time For Some Gear Grinds

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Pallylust has achieved 1660 healing, thanks to the help of my awesome guidie, Gahrie, who gifted me with three crafted epics. With the new gear in tow, I took on Heroic Violet Hold and cleared it with no deaths, netting me two new achievements. I then decided to take a crack at Heroic Nexus with Lady Jess to help me heal. It was late and we were being sloppy and failed to drop the arcane guy whos name escapes me at this very moment. We’ll try again today likely. Either way, its occured to me that I need to set an outline of where to go to get some gear drops. I have been randomly running regulars, and thus far, nothing has dropped that is really of any use to me. So I’ll be conducting some research soon.  You can look forward to that post. Also, I still run my alts, they haven’t been neglected, but are still in the leveling process, I’ll be making posts for my rogue and death knight soon. 

Finally, Ive been considering doing some interviews of my own guildies and their take on their respective classes and what makes WoW so enjoyable for them… so occasionally and starting soon, you’ll be seeing those here too. Sorry for the lack of anything really educational lately, I’ve been on the grind to gear up to heal runs and raids for my own guild, and with Christmas coming and final projects due soon for my college courses, Im having less time to spit out some useful information. I promise to do better soon. Please look forward to it. Happy Holidays everyone, and the new posts will be going up soon!


December 17, 2008

Stripper Christmas

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I was out and about, working on some Winter Veil Acheivements when I ran into fellow blogger and guildmate Jess. She was looking for the Greench and I was, too. We partied up and were on our way. It was a long… boring… and all around dull wait, and it wasn’t too long before we went looking for a little warmth… Snow and all it was me and Jess on the beach… and well, we started putting on the fancy moves… I’ll let you take it from there ^.^ (PS We got the Greench…. eventually)


The weather may be cold... but I know two chicks that are HAWT!

The weather may be cold... but I know two chicks that are HAWT!

December 15, 2008

Holy Paladin Spec

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Hope everyone had a Happy Weekend! On a personal note a young girl passed away this weekend that was suffering from a tumor in the brain for the last four years. Please keep Hadley Fox’s family in your prayers as they spend this Christmas season coping with the loss of their daughter.

I managed to hit 80 finally this weekend, and that means its time to start gearing up and choosing a spec, here’s the one Im pretty set on.

Here’s my intended spec for level 80 raid/pve healing: (51/0/20)

The first thing you might notice, is that I did not take Blessing of Kings. Why not? Well, I’m going to try out this build and see what it does for a Crit/Haste build.

So, now, lets break down the spec. Starting with the Holy Tree.

Tier 1:

Spiritual Focus (5 points) – Reduces pushback on spells by 70 percent. I put five points here. Its always nice to get a spell off even when you’re getting the beat down

Tier 2:

Divine Intellect (5 points) – Increases Int by 15 Percent. This should be a “duh” factor but just in case it isn’t, in this crit/haste build (or any holy build) I will not be focusing on Int or Mp5 as top priority, so i gotta take it where I can get it.

 Healing Light (3 points) – Increases healing on Flash of Light and Holy Light and effectiviness of Holy Shock by 12 percent. The ultimate thing about being holy? Packing as much punch into a heal as you can. This talent will help you there.

Tier 3

Illumination (5 points) – Gives mana back 100 percent of the time when you crit. This is essential to the paladin’s ability to sustain for long period of time! Do not skip this one.

Improved Lay on Hands (2 points) – Give the target 50% armor bonus for a few seconds, and reduces the cooldown by 4 mins. Its not an essential talent, but I needed to stick in two points somewhere to continue down the tree, and this seemed the most reasonable for healing.

Tier 4

Improved Blessing of Wisdom (2 points) – Increases the effect of Blessing of Wisdom by 20 percent. ZOMG what? More mana and Mp5? Wootness!

Tier 5

Divine Favor (1 point) – Grants a new spell that, when activated, gives my next heal spell (Flash of Light, Holy Light or Holy Shock) a 100% chance to crit. I usually pop this with a Holy Shock when I run into trouble and the tank takes a massive hit.

Sanctified Light (3 points) – This grants a 3% increase on the chance to crit when using Holy Light or Holy Shock. Both are not spells I use often, but when I DO need them, it’d be awesome if they crit.

Tier 6

Holy Power (5 points) – Increase the crit chance of my holy spells by 5%. This should be self explanitory for a crit build. Holy Pallies get mana back on crits, get high enough crit rating and Mp5 issues are a thing of the past… at least, thats the theory.

Tier 7

Light’s Grace (3 points) – Gives my Holy Light spell a 100% chance to decrease the next cast of Holy Light by .5 seconds. This is awesome for healing up a tank. Yes Holy Light can and does hit for 11k healing in crap gear at 1300 spell power, but a well geared tank can be sporting 30K health… so if they’re really low it will take a couple of shots to fill them up. This spell can speed up that process.

Holy Shock (1 point) – Gives the new spell, Holy Shock. This is an instant cast heal or DPS spell with a 6 second cool down. It is not mana effient to spam it when healing, but its occasional use can save a party member from very near death. I use this a lot when doing dailies and such, too.

Tier 8

Infusion of Light (2 points) – When Holy Shock crits (use Divine Favor, and it will!) this ability reduces the cast time of Holy Light by 1 second and Flash of Light by 1.5, making it an instant cast. This works out great in a situation where many people in your group are low at once. Pop Divine Favor and Holy Shock on one, and then an instant cast Flash of Light on another. If you had Beacon up on your tank, you’ve just fully healed three out of your five in two seconds or less.

Holy Guidance (5 points) – Increases spellpower by 20% of my intellect. Every little bit helps, right?

Tier 9

Divine Illumination (1 point) – Gives a new spell that when activated reduces mana cost of spells cast by 50% for 15 seconds. I usually pop this after Divine Plea has run out, increasing how long I can keep healing for. I try to predict heavy healing before I pop it though.

Enlightend Judgements (2 points) – Increases the range of my judgements by 30 yards, and increases hit chance by 4%. Not really a nessecary addition to this spec, you could put these two points anywhere in the tree. I choose this because I like to throw judgement of light on a boss sometimes and watch my tank throw heals of his own.

Tier 10

Judgements of the Pure (5 points) – Using judgements increase haste by 15% for 1 minute. This is a crit/haste build, after all.

Tier 11

Beacon of Light (1 point) – Gives a new spell that I usually put up on a tank. Allows any healing I do to anyone else in the group to heal the tank, too. You can do this the other way around, and put it on a squishy and then spam the tank. This spell effectively allows a paladin to heal two people (three or more if you have the Holy Light Glyph) at the same time.

Ret Tree

Tier 1

Benediction (5 points) – Reduces mana cost of instant spells by 10 percent. Divine Favor, Illumination, Beacon of Light, and Holy Shock are all instant cast spells. This talent has potiental.

Tier 2

Heart of the Crusader (3 points) – Judgements increase crit chance against the target. Obviously you aren’t going to be judging your tank, so really, this spell is not needed, but we needed to get to the next tier so we put the points here.

Improved Blessing of Might (2 points) – Increases the attack power by 25%. Melee love this stuff.

Tier 3

Conviction (5 points) – Increases crit strike of spells and attacks by 5%. Yay more crit means more mana back and bigger heals. We like bigger heals.

Pursuit of Justice (2 points) – Decreases disarm effects by 50 percent, and increases movement speed by 15%. These were the last two points I had and I put them here on the idea that if Line of Sight becomes an issue, I can get to my target that much faster. You can put these two points anywhere you like, including into Blessing of Kings if you wish. I decided I wanted to run fast XD

Tier 4

Sanctified Seals (3 points) – Increases crit chance by 3% with spells and attacks. Also reduces chance of seals to be dispelled by 100%. This of course adds to my crit stat for this build… which is what I intended it to do… but has the added bonus of your seals not being dispelled.

And there you have it. So far I’ve had success with this build. Let me know if it works out for you.

December 12, 2008

Cooking Recipies, and Where to Find Them

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**I am aware that the cooking title is currently un-obtainable… however a Blue Post stated that it should be corrected in the next patch**


I am a bit of a perfectionist… I insist on having all the available recipes for any of my professions, and now, with the addition of achievements, I find myself driven even further to achieve perfection. Currently, I am working on the title of “Chef” from finishing all of the cooking acheivements. (PLEASE NOTE you only need 100 learned recipies for the achievement, like I said, I’m a perfectionist) For the most part, this won’t be too difficult. The hardest part I am finding is gettng all 160 recipes. I have 128 of them or so as of right this moment… and so long as I continue to do my cooking daily in Dalaran… I will be only 14 or so short after turning in for all the recipies available from the trainer in Dalaran. Then I will need to go back to Shatt, and try for the Delicious Chocolate Cake, if I don’t get it in the bag from the Dalaran reward. Anyways, since I need to know which recipies are missing and where to find them, here is a collective list of where you, too can find all the recipies you seek, and the quests associated with them. 

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