January 18, 2009

Sarcasm Abound

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Is it bad when Garen is posting more often to my blog than I am? Naaaaahhhh we’re married, that means I get half the credit! Anyways, here’s a post from Garen that is totally full of sarcasm, don’t take anything he says to heart… (I never do) – Andrea


I was torn on what to title this post, so I have decided to use them both. I proudly present:


Youre Doing It Wrong!

You're Doing It Wrong!



I do not consider myself to be a scholar by any means, however, there are a number of words that just anger me when people decide to either not pronounce them properly, or just don’t give a rats behind.

I intend to show you how you are, in fact, doing it wrong.

I give you the following:

Medivh is the guy who let the horde into Azeroth. Some people consider him to be a pretty irritating guy. Others think he payed for his mistake in Warcraft III when he setup the whole Mt. Hyjal thing with Thrall and Jaina.
The reason that this word pisses me off so much is because people do not pronounce it correctly. In written type, the name Medivh can be butchered to no end. However, if you have game sounds turned on, or have played Warcraft 3 or Warcraft 2, then you know the truth.
It is not “Med Vuh”.
It is not “Mee duh vuh”.
It is not  “Med Eee Vee”.
The proper pronunciation is “Meh-Deeve”
The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.

Shattrath is the city of refugees that is stuck in the corner of Terokkar forest. You can’t PvP there, but you can throw yourself from the aldor rise and successfully kill yourself.
The reason that this work pisses me off so much is again, pronunciation. I look at this word and see something very simple. Let’s do a breakdown. Shall we?


People call this city “Shatt” for short. It’s easier. It has a good flow to it. People enjoy doing it. So, tell me, how the hell do these same well educated people look at this work and see Shatharuh city?
That’s right, “Shath-uh-ruh”. 
The next time someone screws this up, smack them, kick them from the guild, educate them, then publicly ridicule them on the realm forums.

This is a reletivily new one that pisses me off. The city has been in the game since day one. However, people have only recently begun to butcher the name. Blizzard uses the Long “A” sound, the short “A” sound, and the “Uh” sound for “A’s” all the time. The trick is knowing when to use what.
So, lets look at this word.
I’ll give you a hint. There are who long A’s and an UH.
The proper pronunciation is as follows. 
DAL. That’s like “HAL” from A space odyssey: 2001.
UH. That’s like “Uh, wut?”
RAN. Like…. Ran. If you try and read too deep into that one, you need kicked in the back of the knee.
Don’t say it like you are English, or Australian, or a Kiwi, or any other breathy sounding nationality. That is, unless you really ARE one of those nationality, then it just sounds awesome! Seriously, ask an Australian to say “Water”. It’s great! But like I was saying…
It’s an AAAH. Kinda like your screaming. If you don’t understand me yet, get in my vent server and I’ll say it for you. REPETEDLY!

This one makes me want to claw my eyes out.
It’s a Re-“A”-gent.
Not a rEEjent.
Not a rEE”g”ent.
It’s a  RE “A” GENT.

Last time I checked, Blizzard had an age limit to play this game (I could be wrong), but I’m pretty sure you should kinda have some knowledge of how to spell if you are going to use the chat function.
I’m going to be blunt here, I apologize in advance.
ROGUE = Sneaky thief guy who can sap, steal, and pops lock boxes. Usually picked last for groups.
ROUGE = Powdery make up that some women put on their faces so that rich guys will buy them food so that boobs can be squeezed!
Got it?
You screw it up again and I’ll kick you in the shin so hard your dog will limp from sympathy.

Scholomance was a school of magic before the invasion of the horde and the arrival of the scourge. Back in Vanilla WoW, a lot of players complained about Scholomance simply because it was a pain in the butt to get any good gear out of there for your specific class. This meant that EVERYONE was running the place. Since everyone was running the place, a lot of people were pronouncing it wrong. This is why I hate this word. Now, I don’t REALLY hate it. I like this word a lot when it is pronounced properly. It makes me smile. But when it gets butchered… I just want to SCREAM!
Scholomance. Everyone gets the “MANCE” part right. Kudos to everyone for that.
But, the Scholo is the part that makes me cringe. 
SCH can make a “SH” sound in some cases. But, not in this one. 
The SCH makes the SK sound that you get from the word School.
The scholo (being a school after all) almost sounds like school when pronounced properly, but it is actually…
Easy, right?

There are a few other words in WoW that really anger me, but I have chosen to not chronicle them at this time. If you feel the need to get into vent with me, I’ll be happy to discuss words and such. But right now, this is a good starter.
DON’T SCREW THEM UP! Or I’ll kick you from the guild, educate you, then ridicule you on the forums!


December 15, 2008

Holy Paladin Spec

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Hope everyone had a Happy Weekend! On a personal note a young girl passed away this weekend that was suffering from a tumor in the brain for the last four years. Please keep Hadley Fox’s family in your prayers as they spend this Christmas season coping with the loss of their daughter.

I managed to hit 80 finally this weekend, and that means its time to start gearing up and choosing a spec, here’s the one Im pretty set on.

Here’s my intended spec for level 80 raid/pve healing: (51/0/20)

The first thing you might notice, is that I did not take Blessing of Kings. Why not? Well, I’m going to try out this build and see what it does for a Crit/Haste build.

So, now, lets break down the spec. Starting with the Holy Tree.

Tier 1:

Spiritual Focus (5 points) – Reduces pushback on spells by 70 percent. I put five points here. Its always nice to get a spell off even when you’re getting the beat down

Tier 2:

Divine Intellect (5 points) – Increases Int by 15 Percent. This should be a “duh” factor but just in case it isn’t, in this crit/haste build (or any holy build) I will not be focusing on Int or Mp5 as top priority, so i gotta take it where I can get it.

 Healing Light (3 points) – Increases healing on Flash of Light and Holy Light and effectiviness of Holy Shock by 12 percent. The ultimate thing about being holy? Packing as much punch into a heal as you can. This talent will help you there.

Tier 3

Illumination (5 points) – Gives mana back 100 percent of the time when you crit. This is essential to the paladin’s ability to sustain for long period of time! Do not skip this one.

Improved Lay on Hands (2 points) – Give the target 50% armor bonus for a few seconds, and reduces the cooldown by 4 mins. Its not an essential talent, but I needed to stick in two points somewhere to continue down the tree, and this seemed the most reasonable for healing.

Tier 4

Improved Blessing of Wisdom (2 points) – Increases the effect of Blessing of Wisdom by 20 percent. ZOMG what? More mana and Mp5? Wootness!

Tier 5

Divine Favor (1 point) – Grants a new spell that, when activated, gives my next heal spell (Flash of Light, Holy Light or Holy Shock) a 100% chance to crit. I usually pop this with a Holy Shock when I run into trouble and the tank takes a massive hit.

Sanctified Light (3 points) – This grants a 3% increase on the chance to crit when using Holy Light or Holy Shock. Both are not spells I use often, but when I DO need them, it’d be awesome if they crit.

Tier 6

Holy Power (5 points) – Increase the crit chance of my holy spells by 5%. This should be self explanitory for a crit build. Holy Pallies get mana back on crits, get high enough crit rating and Mp5 issues are a thing of the past… at least, thats the theory.

Tier 7

Light’s Grace (3 points) – Gives my Holy Light spell a 100% chance to decrease the next cast of Holy Light by .5 seconds. This is awesome for healing up a tank. Yes Holy Light can and does hit for 11k healing in crap gear at 1300 spell power, but a well geared tank can be sporting 30K health… so if they’re really low it will take a couple of shots to fill them up. This spell can speed up that process.

Holy Shock (1 point) – Gives the new spell, Holy Shock. This is an instant cast heal or DPS spell with a 6 second cool down. It is not mana effient to spam it when healing, but its occasional use can save a party member from very near death. I use this a lot when doing dailies and such, too.

Tier 8

Infusion of Light (2 points) – When Holy Shock crits (use Divine Favor, and it will!) this ability reduces the cast time of Holy Light by 1 second and Flash of Light by 1.5, making it an instant cast. This works out great in a situation where many people in your group are low at once. Pop Divine Favor and Holy Shock on one, and then an instant cast Flash of Light on another. If you had Beacon up on your tank, you’ve just fully healed three out of your five in two seconds or less.

Holy Guidance (5 points) – Increases spellpower by 20% of my intellect. Every little bit helps, right?

Tier 9

Divine Illumination (1 point) – Gives a new spell that when activated reduces mana cost of spells cast by 50% for 15 seconds. I usually pop this after Divine Plea has run out, increasing how long I can keep healing for. I try to predict heavy healing before I pop it though.

Enlightend Judgements (2 points) – Increases the range of my judgements by 30 yards, and increases hit chance by 4%. Not really a nessecary addition to this spec, you could put these two points anywhere in the tree. I choose this because I like to throw judgement of light on a boss sometimes and watch my tank throw heals of his own.

Tier 10

Judgements of the Pure (5 points) – Using judgements increase haste by 15% for 1 minute. This is a crit/haste build, after all.

Tier 11

Beacon of Light (1 point) – Gives a new spell that I usually put up on a tank. Allows any healing I do to anyone else in the group to heal the tank, too. You can do this the other way around, and put it on a squishy and then spam the tank. This spell effectively allows a paladin to heal two people (three or more if you have the Holy Light Glyph) at the same time.

Ret Tree

Tier 1

Benediction (5 points) – Reduces mana cost of instant spells by 10 percent. Divine Favor, Illumination, Beacon of Light, and Holy Shock are all instant cast spells. This talent has potiental.

Tier 2

Heart of the Crusader (3 points) – Judgements increase crit chance against the target. Obviously you aren’t going to be judging your tank, so really, this spell is not needed, but we needed to get to the next tier so we put the points here.

Improved Blessing of Might (2 points) – Increases the attack power by 25%. Melee love this stuff.

Tier 3

Conviction (5 points) – Increases crit strike of spells and attacks by 5%. Yay more crit means more mana back and bigger heals. We like bigger heals.

Pursuit of Justice (2 points) – Decreases disarm effects by 50 percent, and increases movement speed by 15%. These were the last two points I had and I put them here on the idea that if Line of Sight becomes an issue, I can get to my target that much faster. You can put these two points anywhere you like, including into Blessing of Kings if you wish. I decided I wanted to run fast XD

Tier 4

Sanctified Seals (3 points) – Increases crit chance by 3% with spells and attacks. Also reduces chance of seals to be dispelled by 100%. This of course adds to my crit stat for this build… which is what I intended it to do… but has the added bonus of your seals not being dispelled.

And there you have it. So far I’ve had success with this build. Let me know if it works out for you.

December 10, 2008

Too Nice?

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So much for kindness

So much for kindness

I’ve always been a nice kinda girl… I’ll smoother you in motherly love sometimes even… but if you get on my bad side, I’ll also put you in your place. My friends know that I say crude and mean things because it’s funny, and of course I never really mean it. If I actually do ever offend anyone, I go out of my way to apologize… it’s just not in my spirit to be mean, but I suppose I would, if I had to. However, yesterday, I was flying around the good old Basin, grabbing up some ore to level my blacksmithing with. I checked around each node first, and tried to ensure I wasn’t jacking one from someone who was clearing up to it… and for more than an hour I had no problems… until I was mining a node and a mage walked up and simply said “Thx”. 

I felt bad. I hadn’t seen him and I didn’t jack the node from him on purpose, and the Basin is full of all kinds of ore, so I offered up the ore I had just mined. “I need the exp.” was all he said. No “hey thats real nice of you, but I don’t need it.” or anything of that sort. I apologized again and he finally said “np”. I flew off, but only for about two seconds before I found another node. So I sent the mage another tell, that there was a mine at X,Y coords. Then I sent one more that said it was all his, but he logged off… Now, it is entirely possible he had to go… but logging off because I was trying to be nice? I don’t know why but it frusterates me. All this complaining and asshattery going on, and when I try to be nice I get the cold shoulder!

Anyways, it threw me off. On an unrelated note I am busting out the next “guide” of sorts… A complete list of all the cooking recipies in the game, and where to find them… helps with both the leveling of cooking, AND one of the achievements for the title of Chef, which is what I am currently working on… so look forward to it… it should be done soon… and yes, it is the post I spoke of that includes the cooking dailies in it.

December 8, 2008

WoW Code

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I saw this over at the Pink Pigtail Inn, who orginally found it at TyphoonAndrew’s. I thought it was so awesome and geeky, that I should of course try it out for myself. You can find all the orginal coding over at his site… and here goes mine:

M:Pa78, Ms: Holy, Mr: Dr, S: Draenor – PST – PvE, G: Mythos, PvP+, PvE++, 2004.12, D: C++, Ori: BT, L++, !Dr, : D, Alt: SRo71, SL/SLWl70, HolyPr70, BMHu63, FDK63, AWL62

Thats insane. So… how geeky are you?

November 25, 2008

My First Poll!

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I don’t do polls often. Why not? I dunno… just don’t think about it really. But last night Hubby was checking out the new layout of the blog, and decided that he downright hated it. In fact, he likes the old one better. Now his opinion doesn’t matter (haha, but I still love him) but yours does! So vote away on your preference… and let me know… because this blog is for you, the reader.

November 19, 2008

Moments of Asshattery

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The Big Bear Butt Blogger has asked us to post about a true moment of asshattery that has been inflicted upon us since Wrath was released…. in his post he states:

Bloggers, here is my challenge to you!

Share with us on your blog your favorite moment of asshatery commited against you in these first few days of the expansion. It must have some funny twist that raises it out of the norm.


Share with us your “WoW, people can be awesome out of nowhere” moment.

While I’ve encountered many mine stealing jerks… these two… players… shine out above the rest. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve encountered some really great folks… like the Hunter who gave me the cobolt node that we both ran up to at the same time, and then gave me instructions on how to find more nodes, thus sharing his wealth of knowledge with me to better my own WoW experience. I can’t remember his name… but he’s awesomeness in my book. Also, the mage named Offline…. who withstood massive amounts of abusive deaths on my account, in having built a group for UK assuming that our warrior was a tank, when he was not… so a 68 DeathKnight in craptastic gear tried to tank. The warrior tried to help… there was dying as my holiness tried my damnedest to heal… and finally failed entirely at the encounter like Romeo and Juilet. But still… he stuck it out, never once complaining… and even being sorry we couldn’t complete the run. That guy was awesome.

Ah yes, nice people in WoW… but sometimes you meet people so terrible… they make you forget… like the guy who stole all the bat poop from the bats I had to kill in order to get em to poop in the first place. (Blizzard, get over the poop quests, srsly!) (Don’t worry though…. we found him AFK and trained mobs on his ass. He died a horrible death for screwing with me. Take that you evil druid. I know. I’m just as terrible).

Nope…. this story is worse then that.

Hubby and I were working on a quest chain up in Borean Tundra. This chain eventually leads to sending you to a place up in the sky, that is round and confusing, where you need to go up top, and kill one of Arthas’ lackeys. Its a nice long encounter complete with back story, lore, and needing the wait your turn. When Garen and I arrived there was a group of four waiting for their go. So we grabbed up a solo druid, and waited our turn. We helped the first group get there kill, waited for the event to reset and start again. The first group appreciated our patience and offered to stay to help kill him again. We were greatful.

Suddenly, a priest and a warrior arrive on the seen. I didn’t catch the warrior’s name but the priest was called Blacksun. They also were allies, and could hear us clearly when we offered to invite them to our group, as we had room for both. But no, instead they ran up, and tagged the dude we’d been waiting for, killed him, and walked off without a word despite my tell of “Hey, that was messed up”. But wait… its not over yet…

The group that had gone first was upset by what they saw, and decided to stay for another go. So we waited for the reset…. and wait… what is this? The Priest and Warrior are back! What could they want now? The kill is the last in the chain. No reason to come back. They say nothing and even buff me. Gee, I thought… maybe they felt bad for us…. but just in case I was constantly spamming for the moment that mob turned red…. and I’m glad I was…. both of them had tried to jack the mob a second time…. FOR NO OTHER REASON THEN TO BE ASSHATS! Oooooohhhh I had many nasty things I wanted to say to them… but I held my tounge. I got my kill and it was overwith for now… so I walked away.

I suppose I got semi revenge. I later saw the priest ask in general chat for a port to Dalaran… and I saw our only level 74 (at the time) guildy mage respond. I took my opportunity, and explained over general what the priest had done, and how he didn’t deserve any help. Luckily, seven other familiar names chimed in to confirm my story…. and my guildy renigged. I hope that priest doesn’t get a port…. ever.

So there you have it.

So now I pass it on. Bloggers…. What’s YOUR story?

November 13, 2008

Ketchikan Release Party!

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Garen and Andrea, Wrath Release 2008

Garen and Andrea, Wrath Release 2008

Oh man, it was my very first time going to a midnight release, and man did I have fun. Last time, for TBC, Garen went and camped out the Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning so he could be first by 7am. This time, we arrived at 10pm for the midnight purchase. Though it was my first time, Garen recongized some people, and other people remembered Garen. We started out with only 6 orginally, myself and Garen included, but over time, that number reached 22. The downside of the evening was that none of the collector’s editions showed up, so those that preordered it got regular editions, but that left no extra copies, and one of my real life friends was betting on there being extras. So I did the nice thing, I gave her my copy. Don’t worry, I picked one up at Wal-Mart this morning.



The Whole Posse

The Whole Posse

So last night though, it was about 39 degrees, and raining. We were all frozen to the bone. However, that did not dwindle the spirit of the WoW players. We talked about what realms we played on (none of us on the same one) and what our favorite moments in WoW are. We chatted briefly about how annoying the zombies were, and for the most part, we picked on a kid named Chris who was only level 55, but had pre-ordered his copy of Wrath all the same. One guy went so far as to “hump” the poor boy. He was laughing too though…. he even posed for a picture



under the handicap sign, the place we decided he needed to stand for the night for being only level 55.



Jokes were shared, stories told, laughs all around. All in all, I’m glad I went, it was an experience I’ll never forget, and I met some awesome people. Shout out to my fellow WoW players in Ketchikan, if you are reading this blog!

August 28, 2008

Girl Power!

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Remember that popular phrase? If not it came from the Spice Girls in the mid to late 90s. What was their message all about? Mostly that they were girls, they were sexy, and they were famous. It didn’t matter that they were girls, but they were proud to be. What does this have to do with WoW? You’d be surprised. A topic started by Brajana at Mend Pet stated

Brajana wrote:
“The thing is – I don’t see what the big deal is about being a female geek.  I (obviously) do not have a problem with female gamers OR female bloggers.  But I don’t understand why some women seem to think this is such important distinction for their blog.”

In which Breana over at Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick replied with this post. Once that was written, Big Bear Butt responded with his very own post on the topic. Once I’d read all that it got me thinking. Lately there have been a few posts praising the ladies out there, for example, from 35 Yards Out, A Girl, A Gun, and A Stripped Cat, and Critical QQ.

So what does all of this have to do with me? Well, I’ve noticed lately, particularly with all the guild drama that has been going on, that it’s been like we aren’t ALLOWED to be girls. If we in any way shape or form somehow act feminine or say anything that relates the fact that we are female, we get criticized for it. What’s worse is it isn’t really the men complaining, its the other women! And on the other end of that spectrum, if we try to go the other route and play it cool and joke and let it all hang loose (Just a term, don’t get too excited), we get slammed for being cheap, easy, or an e-Whore.

It wasn’t that long ago that women and men became what we call “equal”. But even in our “modern times” we still really aren’t. Though we can hold the same jobs, make the same pay, and vote on the same stuff, women cannot be women, unless they are prepared to take the flak that comes with it. Something as simple as putting a modifier in your blog title that announces that you are in fact, female, can and will be judged. It is assumed that you are USING being female to attract people to read your input. Even if that isn’t the case.

In WoW, if the other guildmates are joking about sex, and I chime in, its quickly determined that I’m a whore. Nevermind that I’m married, with children, and not really interested in anyone else. Any sort of joke with sexual relation involved means I want you to spam me with tells about how you are single and horny. Why is it I cannot be just part of the conversation and not have it really mean anything? Oh right, because I’m a girl. I am not allowed to just be human, or to joke, or socialize, or heaven forbid, enjoy sex. All those things would be, ya know. Just TERRIBLE.

Girls don’t play WoW right? WRONG! So very wrong. An easy HALF of my guild is female. And no, we’re not all married. We are not all mothers, and not all of us are old, either. Some are thin and beautiful, some have had better times, I’m sure. However such as is the case in Real Life, we all have breasts, and we make up HALF of the world’s population. So why then, is it such a shock when we do things that 10 million other people on the planet do everyday?

I agree that I don’t understand what the big deal is about being female in ANY community. Be it WoW, Blogging, or just around town. However, I also agree that it should be OK for us to BE FEMALE. If I wanna say I’m a chick, it doesn’t mean its a crutch, its just what I AM! Aren’t I allowed to be me? I give props to Breana and any other girls out there who are female, who are who they are, and don’t take the crap that comes their way because of it. And really on that note, PROPS THE THE MEN TOO! We are equals are we not? We love that you guys go out of your way to affirm our position on the scale of equalness and awesomeness to you. When push comes to shove we love having you around too.

So on that note, I’m gonna continue to be. 23 years old. Mother of two, Wife, WoW player, College Student and, oh yes, I have BOOBS. No you can’t touch them, stare if you must but it wont get you anywhere, just as it doesn’t get me anywhere either. You’ll get over it, eventually.

August 14, 2008

A little blog goes a long way

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So readers, you may have noticed a lack in posts about the upcoming expansion. Its not that I’m not excited about it, I am. I’m also a little nervous too. I hate major changes that make me feel like I know nothing about this game I’ve played for years now. However that too, is not why I don’t bother to post much about it. I do from time to time see things that I feel are noteworthy and awesome, and I share them. But for the most part I know that its over done. Many many other blogs and news sources post upcoming Beta information and I don’t feel I have a need to express too many opinions on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m estatic for some changes. The new tanking and healing abilities for the paladin will make that character the most versatile one I’ve ever rolled. She’ll be awesome, she’ll be in demand, and it will be fun to try it out. She is also my blacksmith and with the addition of socketing items to blacksmithing I feel I will be able to do more with her then I previously have. As for my other characters I hear that rogues are getting a nerf of sorts, but haven’t seen much on it. I haven’t bothered to check out the warlock changes too much because I don’t want to get sucked back into the horde right now. However the hunter pet changes have really caught my eye and rather then going back to my horde hunter I’ll likely multibox my alliance ones so both husband and I can have some fun with it.

But really, while I’m excited and I too read all the news and updates I can find, I did not apply for nor receive a beta key. I would rather have the whole rush of something new and the joy of discovering it all for the first time AS I level. I don’t want to be bored with it before it even counts ya know?

So this blog is here, and I will share any tidbits of interest I find. But the Beta and expansion are in no way my primary focus and you wont find much of it here. I prefer to live the game that is and look forward to what will be. So content wise look forward to a breath of fresh air, as all the hype about Beta is best left to the folks at WoW Insider.


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I was talking with a friend yesterday and realized I’ve put a lot of time and effort in this game. Its been a few years now and I have over 1 year soild of time played. The up side to this is it means I have a lot of good times and memories to share. Unfortunately I dont have all my screen shots anymore but I made due with what I could find, so for you all, here’s a nice little slideshow of my WoW memories. You can click any picture at any time to take a good look at it 😛

Well WordPress wont let me put the stupid thing in here directly so here’s a link to the slideshow! Enjoy!


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