August 24, 2008

All In A Day’s Work

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Well it wasn’t really WORK, I’d say. more like a liquidation sale. I cleaned out my personal vault today. Posted anything and everything I don’t use. When all was said and done I kept a few rep items, some primal mooncloth, 30 some odd Large Prismatic Shards and 40 void crystals. Everything else went up. So far nearly everything has sold. mostly low level items left. So cleared out three full vault tabs and what do you suppose I made?

2738 GOLD!

Thats right. All that in one day. Not too shabby. Now to refill those tabs to sell out again.


August 20, 2008

WTB 50k Honor, PST

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Well maybe its not that much anymore. I’m not sure. I’ve been PvPing on my rogue EVERYDAY for nearly a month now, and with how terrible the Alliance is in our Ruin Battlegroup, it’s taken me twice as long as I thought it would. However I am nearing that home stretch. Ive just got my boots, a ring, and some bracers to go. Then I should have all the PvP pieces I need to beginthe ultimate goal. Before that though I need to wrap up my SSO and Aldor rep so that I can have that shiny new neck piece as well. Then it shall be off to the gold grind.

So what’s the plan? Well, I haven’t got it all figured out yet but here’s some ideas to make that gold grind go faster. And no, I don’t intend to play the auction house game by buying low and selling high. I’ll gamble when I have money to gamble with, and no sooner.

  • Of course I’ll do my dailies each day, its an easy 200g a day
  • Up in Blade’s Edge Mountains there are some serpents flying around. They drop the meat used for the spell damage food. They also skin for knothide leather and have a chance to drop windscales which sell on my server for about 12g each. Seems like a good grinding spot. Only thing to watch out for is one of the Sons of Gruul that roams around
  • Hitting Elemental Plateau in Nagrand. While usually over farmed, during the late night hours that I play I can usually get a good thing going with the water elementals. I clear one side and then the other, fish up the pure water spots and then go around again. Its a constant system and the motes drop at a 62% rate. Primal water sells for 25g each.
  • Cobra scales in ShadowMoon Valley. While not much else around then the Naga the scales sell for around 40g each one. It took me an hour to get the four I needed to have my leg enchant made.
  • Air Elementals in Shadowmoon Valley. Either the ones by the drakes or the ones behind the aldor city. These have a lower drop rate then the waters do, but sell for more at 30g a piece on our server.
  • Aldor Rep Items at Legion Hold. Everyone is Aldor it seems. At the top of Legion Hold are some warlocks, four to spire, three spires across. They drop gold, netherweave cloth, greens, and of course, Marks of Sargaras and Fel Armenants. These don’t sell for a lot per say, but the warlocks instantly respawn and make them extremely easy to farm.
  • The Dead Mire in the Zangermarsh. Ideally this is best for an herblist but a non herblist can do it too. You start at one side and work your way around. The bog lords have a chance of dropping motes of life which sell for about 20g each on our server. But oddly enough its all the grey crap you get that makes it a great farm spot.

So what do I do once I’ve filled up my bags with goodies to sell? Well….

  • All grey items get vendored off immediately. If I’ve got full bags this can net me about 12g a go. I don’t ever throw anything away, its worth the gold to run back and clean out the bags.
  • While I’m farming I send everything to a bank alt. She holds stuff for me until I’m ready to sell it, including my gold. I never have more then 50g on any of my active alts, or I might feel inclined to spend it.
  • Once on my bank alt I post everything that is of white quality or better on the AH. Even if you think it doesn’t have a value you’d be surprised what sells. When I have large amounts of something unless I know its in high demand (ie Stat Food or Primals) I section it off into smaller more usable stacks and post no more then 10 stacks of an item. Otherwise I may flood the market and sabotage my own efforts.
  • When I have something really rare, I check the current going prices for that item. If they are lower then I’d like it to be I wait. Eventually those ones will sell and the way will be clear for me to name my price. If you don’t wish to wait you’ll need to undercut your competition by at least 10 percent if you really want it to sell. Remember you want your buyer to think they are robbing you.
  • When it comes to rep items I try to get the stacks up to max. I always found it a pain to have to buy 10 marks of sagaras here and 2 more there. Stack em up before you post ’em.
  • I don’t post green items. I have them DE’d by my husband’s priest. I hang on to the mats until I hear people complain about how stupid expensive they’ve gotten, then I post them. Enchanting mats are not something most people can or will farm, so they ALWAYS sell.

That’s pretty much it. Andrea’s how to farm gold and sell it properly plan. Now that you’re all enlisted go have a go. Good luck with it.