July 3, 2008

Sayge’s Fortune #21

Posted in Humor tagged , , , , at 3:40 am by Andrea

“Divine Shields and Hearthstones do not make a hero heroic”

Aww Blizzard, you crack me up. But your mockery will not make an example out of me! I’ve yet to actually “Bubble Hearth” out of anything, but I have a funny story where this really did happen.

We were in SSC, clearing trash that kills off the leathal fish so that we may attempt The Lurker Below. Myself and 24 other guildmates are about to face yet ANOTHER pack of 9 mobs, when something doesn’t seem right. One of our priests is inching entirely too close to the pack. I was about to say something over our Ventrilo when the mobs started running towards him. He instantly dies. At the time I was a tank, and felt it was my duty to do some damage control. So I picked them all up, and began to recieve some heals. Unfortunatly the DPS was picking them off at random so some ended up dying, but we pulled through, with a little less then half the raid alive.

As I was beginning to help ressurect people, a voice comes over the vent. Its one of our Pally healers. He loudly, but sheepishly asks for a summon back. This took a moment to register. “Wait, a summon?” I ask. “Yeah,” he proudly admits. “I bubble hearthed out of that noise, thought for sure we were gonna die”. A proud moment for Paladins everywhere.