September 29, 2008

Chaos Ensues

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I Spy!

I Spy!

Ungoro Event
Ungoro Event

So the warlocks hit 50. They are out in UnGoro right now, just running around racking up the XP thanks to the added help of my hubby’s holy priest, Zerehemnah. Let me tell you, those pesky devilsaurs are awfully sneaky. While we were out there, we ran into a special rare event. He doesn’t drop much of anything but it was an event that in my four or so years of playing, and 6 high level toons, I’d never seen before.

After a while hubby had some other stuff he wanted to get done, so he tossed over his laptop to me, and I ran all three on my own. However at the time my desk was a little bit messy, so the whole thing just looked hilarious. He decided to snap a picture. Lets play I Spy. I spy with my little eye, a baby cup, a deodorant bottle, an energy drink, a notebook, and all around chaos. Don’t worry, I’ve since cleaned up my desk. But its an obvious testament to the fact that I spend too much of my life sitting here, and that I definitely have children. Most of what is on my desk is stuff I took from the baby.

So husband was getting pretty bored with WoW. He decided he wanted to try Warhammer, just until Wrath hits, he says. So we spend 100 dollars on two copies, take it home, and install it. The install took about half an hour, but the patch download took three hours! Once we had all that done we fired it up. My craptastic machine actually ran the game beautifully, while Garen’s doesn’t run it much at all. In fact, its unplayable. Kinda ironic if you ask me. Either way, what little bit he did play made him realize just how much he loves WoW, so I’m pretty sure that little bit of expansionitis is over.

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears

On a totally non wow related note, my husband’s shop where he works for the USCG is constantly playing pranks on each other. Sometimes its shoe polish in the hat, pieces of uniform soaked in water and then frozen, swapping numbers on the phone, and once someone printed craptons of the same little eerie face and posted them all over my husband’s desk. (we’re STILL finding them). This time, well. My husband loves gummy bears. Loves em. He walked away from his desk and came back later and here is what he found. Makes me laugh to see how our tax dollars are at work here.

Also not WoW related but I’m excited about is that I went and ordered me a new laptop. Its part of the Dell Studio 17 series. It’s got a 17 inch screen, a 2.5 Ghz Processor, ATI something or other expensive ass dedicated video card, and four gigs of ram. I’m quite excited for it. I also ordered it with a back lit keyboard, and with the adobe software I need. Photoshop and elements. All in all the machine is quite nicely built, and cost me 1600 dollars, after shipping. (Shipping btw, to Alaska is 85 dollars. You HAVE to pay for next day shipping, though it wont ship until Oct 14th and estimates will take more then two weeks to get here). Garen says Im in for the longest wait of my life, that it’s worse then waiting for a new baby to arrive. While I was looking at this machine though, hubby got a bug up his butt that he now wants to own the Dell Mini 9. Its a whole of 9 inches big. It’s tiny, and runs with 16gigs of hard drive space and 1 gig of ram. He’s convinced he can make the thing run WoW, but first he has to convince me of why I should pay four hundred dollars for something that he doesn’t need. He already has a fully functional laptop and an Iphone 3G. I think I am going to stick to no on this one. But if anyone else has one, that they got WoW to run on, let me know so I can shut him up.

Other then that, I despise weekends. So much running around, cleaning, and it throws off my entire schedule. Though, my friend Janna showed up for a little bit and presented me with a bottle of wine for my birthday. She’s a little bit early, but we rarely see each other anymore so I was grateful all the same. We also put in our picks on our dreamsheet this week. We’ll hopefully have an idea of where we are moving too by Christmas time. I’ll be sure to fill you all in. I have some big stuff going on in school this week so I am pretty sure I’m going to be really busy. So don’t be shocked if you don’t hear from me much this week. On that note, I’ll be off!


September 24, 2008

WotLK Is Coming, Are You Ready?

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Personally, Im ok with it. I said before that it felt too soon, and I still think it is, but its not really a concern for me. Why not? Well I have my list of things to do before WotLK hits stores, and I’m content trying to accomplish these goals. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care that it’ll be obsolete. It’s just fun to have some goals. Are you like me? Don’t mind something to do as long as it’s SOMETHING? well, here’s a list of 25 things for you to do or get done, pointless or not, until WotLK hits the stores.

  1. Aspire to level a toon faster then the release. Good luck with that.
  2. Take a finished alt and gear it to the hilt. I refer to my Gear Guides for Solo Players.
  3. Be like everyone else. Race to finish the content before release, just because you can.
  4. Travel backwards into MC, BWL, AQ and the like, and see content and lore you’ve never seen.
  5. Get your UBRS Key.
  6. Get your Onyxia Key.
  7. Participate in all the little quests and things involved with the holiday festivities.
  8. Grind out gold cap, all 214,000 gold before WotLK
  9. Get your titles, I believe they will be gone once WotLK launches.
  10. Reach 50,000 honorable kills in PvP, if you have already done that, double that number.
  11. Get a bunch of guildmates to play darts with themselves and take some nose dives into Shat, spelling out your guild name.
  12. Have a scavenger hunt
  13. Take out that opposing faction city that you’ve never been to.
  14. Level cooking and fishing to max
  15. Get every cooking recipe in the game
  16. Get a Mr. Pinchy while you are at it
  17. Clear out everything on your bank toon. See how much it was really worth.
  18. If you are a hardcore profession person who wants to be first, save some high level mats to help you get a jump start. Things like Adamentite, Fel Steel, Netherweave Cloth, etc.
  19. Make the longest Conga Line ever in Stormwind.
  20. Play chicken with a buddy against Doomwalker. Closest person without dying wins!
  21. Try out that refer a friend leveling bonus. It is teh secks.
  22. Frantically collect every non combat pet in the game, now that you will have the space for them.
  23. Get some fashionable outfits to parade around in.
  24. Start a lottery in your guild. (careful with this one, it is techincally agaisnt Blizzard’s ToS to gamble)
  25. When all else fails, pick a random person of the opposing faction and follow them around for a while. Don’t say anything, don’t help unless they are next to dead. Just stand there, and watch. See how long it takes them to log out of being weirded out.

September 23, 2008

Gear Guide Up

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Sorry for no post for a couple of days, but no worries, the Holy Priest Gear Guide for the Solo Player is up and ready to go. Perfect if you are frantically leveling an alt before WotLK. Hopefully Warlocks Guide will be done next. Enjoy!

September 19, 2008

Yarrgggh, Me Hardies!

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Three Warlocks and a Shaman

Three Warlocks and a Shaman

Yarrgggh! Here be me blog again! Except we’re talkin’ like pirates! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yarrrggh!

So yesterday me husband and me self went into SM again. We dragged along ye buckaroo as well. Arg! He be only level 22 when the first mob hit the plank, but ye be 25 when we were done! Arg! As the baddies dropped to Davy Jone’s Locker, me mate walked out with full bags of new loots! We raided and plundered till we could take no more! Ye Warlock Duo hit 35, too. Arg!

Ok. I just can’t keep that up. I’m a terrible pirate. Yarrggh!

So Matticus has been going on about what class makes the best lovers. So far what I have read is that druids make great lovers, but priests are just lookin for a good time. I vote that Paladins are the best lovers. But I will have to gather my facts and post thoroughly on it later.

September 18, 2008

New Guild, New Kara

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I went on my first run with Mythos last night. I was part of group two. You can read about group one over on Fimly’s Blog. I went in on Pallylust, even though she doesn’t really need anything from there except badges. I wanted to be helpful and such. Anyways I wasn’t sure what to expect. Obviously my new home is a ways behind what I am used to running to I assumed there would be considerable amounts of dying. However, that wasn’t the case.

I was impressed even. Even though we took it slowly, every boss was 1 shotted, and there was very little dying. With the exception of one elite group AOE pull outside of Moroes. Otherwise everything was smooth. I tried to not be overbearing in any advice I offered up, and I only pulled aggro once in healing on trash trying to save a mage who got to close to some extra mobs. Which is pretty good, considering I had been wearing my tank gloves the whole time with the 2 percent threat increase enchant on them. Whoops.

Overall Pally doesn’t need much from Kara. The Ribbon of Sacrafice and maybe a healing cloak should do it. Otherwise she is pretty set. In the meantime I shall continue to gold farm, and level my warlock duo. I also started a druid duobut I’m not entirely sure I’m deadset on leveling them or not. Only time shall tell.

September 15, 2008

Vini Vidi Vici!

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I haz A Bucket

I haz A Bucket

My charatcer’s move to their new server with Fimly’s, Lady Jess, and their guild Mythos is complete and successful. So naturally, I had to break in my toons to the new server. I took Husband’s Shaman, Juicepig into good old Deadmines for a run on my rogue. There was autoswinging, there was dying (for the mobs) and there was plenty of boxes to sit in. Hubby walked out with lots of shiny new upgrades for his shaman, though.

Poofnstab stealthed into SV and got her second key frag without once ever breaking her stealth. I was proud of that. Stealthing makes me nervous. It’s like I suddenly develop a twitch or something. Anyways, I was so set that it had been easy, that I went and tried to stealth Arc as well. I got all the way to the key frag guy, but couldn’t down him before a VW would kill me…. I tried three times, then did a run with Fimly’s and other guildies. Good times. Got the key frag, as did three others, too. Now, on to Old Hills

My warlock duo went from level 24 to level 29 thanks to the help of the Hubby and his priestly clears of SM. Oh man its so much fun to watch a priest pretend to be a mage. He just plowed through mobs with his holy nova. Was such a pretty sight.

So, WotLK, November 13th. Im not keen on this really. It just feels too soon. Perhaps I sound insane but it does. So… can I get the warlocks done and a second set well on their way before then? We’ll see.

September 11, 2008

Orange is the New Epic

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I was chatting with Dechion yesterday about in game stuff, because even though we call each other and chat



 like normal people, we still always end up back at WoW. I was just venting over how badges have changed the world of epics, and they really are common now. I can remember when they weren’t, when seeing someone with ANY purple gear meant that they were hardcore and dedicated. Now anymore NOT having purple pixels is like an insult to the entire community and will make you subject to speculation in the infamous Trade Chat.

Personally, I aim to do the best I can OUTSIDE of raiding. I did the hardcore thing. I walked into TBC with a full set of tier two on my warlock. I was proud of her shiny outfit and made use of it all the way to 70. **I was too stubborn to take it off actually. NO WAY had I wasted two years of my life to have it replaced with greens at level 63, was NOT gonna happen**  But now I level new characters and discover new ways to get them gear without ever setting foot in an instance. I will post the priest’s gear guide that I used that the minute she hit 70, she had 1400 healing or something like that, unenchated, and ungemmed. Obviously the gear can get better from there, but I dinged 70 able to walk into a heroic or Kara and heal the crap out of it.

What I find humorous anymore is that people link Thunderfury in trade chat like its a joke. Old news, unimportant, and I beg to differ. Most the people I meet in game in recent days are “BC Babies” meaning they didn’t play the old world. These people cannot comprehend the amount of work it took to get 40 people to cooperate in a raid for six hours at a time. The loot that dropped was hard earned and it was not really possible to “farm” it. With 9 classes playable for each side, and a loot table that included one item for each class, that meant what you were gonna get was pretty darn random. No badges, no reward for the other 38 people who did not get an item off that boss…. just the sheer joy of knowing the lore.

The Thunderfury was not easy to come by. The ever so fortunate winner of the bindings still had a long journey ahead of them. It took help from guildmates, resources, and time. Lots of time. People link it now and laugh like its dismissible. Perhaps the stats are not that great, but I salute anyone who managed to get one, as I know all too well the work it takes to get there.

Every once in a while I see someone with the warglaives. Those ever so orange items that drop from Illidan. I would salute them too but it’s not quite the same. This person didn’t really have to put forth any effort of his own, just roll well or have enough DKP. Even Oranges aren’t that special anymore, just rarer.

But people wear them about, thinking that they are the Gods of WoW and I should somehow submit to thier whim, for they have been to black temple and have raided 3 days a week for four or five hours at a time. Personally, I am laughing at you, the modern day Hardcore player. All this work and you see, it does not earn you the same respect that it used to. You go in 25s, not 40s. You raid maybe 4 hours, not six… and you don’t even need to be attuned anymore.

The guilds that see the content and plow through it like a well oiled machine, that I can respect. Its a group of people that have learned about each other, who have worked together and can successfully navigate anything that comes there way. Maybe that guild is “Hardcore” or maybe it is “Casual” either way it doesn’t matter. Its the group of people that appeal to me, not thier progression.



Progression will always be updated, outdated, and eventually, obsolete. In the end the only thing that should remain constant through this ever evolving game would be your guildmates, your friends, and how you treat them is more important to me then epics that aren’t epic anymore. Come WotLK you will see what I mean. You will know what its like to “work so hard at this” to find it wasn’t for much. Do I sound pessimistic? Perhaps. It is the nature of the beast. You are no longer the best, get out there and fix that! And we’ll do it again in two more years.

Speaking of WotLK, it would seem my newfound guildmates have received a few beta keys. I personally did not sign up. I don’t feel keen on playing something for nothing. I shall wait for it’s full release and then come upon the land with an entire army of characters to choose from to go through the lands, exploring and loving finished content. I’m not much for testing. But nonetheless, congrats to Lady Jess, Dech, and Fimlys. I hope you enjoy your time in the land of the unknown.

We Will Not Forget

We Will Not Forget

I however have some warlocks that need tending to. Also, today is 9/11. Lets have a moment of silence for the fallen folk who died in a ruthless act of violence against the United States. We will never forget. Kiss a military person today as well. As pointless as you may feel the war may be, they are out there for us, trying their hardest to give us what we want. Agree or not they are still fighting, still dying, and still out there. Also a happy birthday shout to Gun Lovin Dwarf Chick, as it is her 1st anniversary for her blog. Congrats Bre!@

September 8, 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name…

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I was talking in BA chat for a moment today, about the upcoming transfer of my main toons Pallylust and Poofnstab. Someone seemed surprised by the name for my darling little rogue. I also remember skimming a post about names in the Ale and Arms forums. I found it interesting to see why people named their toons the way they did… so here’s my story.

Chroniclust – My very first name used. It had been speculated many times by various guildmates that it was a self proclamation of being a pot head. Others decided it meant that I was always in the mood for some lovin’. However, truth be told it’s just a screen name my little sister Sarah made up for me to use for my very first blog, over at livejournal back in the days. I used it for my warlock on the horde side until it was reported by the evil man I mentioned in an earlier post, Ballsycow. I contested the report and won, actually, and was told I still needed to change the name, but I could use it again on other servers or on a new toon. This lead to the warlock becoming…

Librasky – Two words here, Libra Sky. However I have become quite used to answering to Le-brass-ki also. This name comes from the fact that I’m a Libra. My birthday is October 1st. I know, I fit the stereotypes. Anyways, I used it first as an AOL screen name back when I was a mid-teen. II Librasky II was the name and I borrowed it for lack of any good ideas for an undead warlock.

Nosredna – My second toon. This one was my horde side holy priest. Look carefully and you might figure out the name before I tell you. Its my last name, backwards. Anderson. This trend was actually quite popular at the time for names and I got it from Tergram…. Or Margret.

Stabbystabby – My first attempt at a rogue. This one a blood elf. I named her this because I always imagined as a rogue was beating on me “STABBY STABBY, BITCH” was screaming in their heads. The bitch part was too long, so Stabbystabby was the end name.

Desani – My horde side mage. She and the rogue before her never made it far but come on now, its a mage. The name is so good for her.

Bloodlust – Can you believe that name wasn’t taken?! I never leveled this shaman though which is sad. But dang the name is awesome.

Pallylust – When I rerolled alliance I wasn’t interested in being easily found. If I used the name Chroniclust again, my old guild mates would find me in a heartbeat. So I changed it a little bit. Not by a ton, I suppose if you wanted to find me you could. Most people just refer to her as Pally, or Lusty. Either or works for me.

Poofnstab – I tried to reuse my original Stabbystabby name. It was taken though on that server. I loved the idea of having a name like that for fun though, so I changed it until I found one that wasn’t taken. I get comments on it all the time.

Hugz & Kissesz – You can thank my husband for these cutsie names. I just love it when he gets sweet on me. Makes it easy to know they are a team though.

Huzband & Wife – My newest multiboxing adventure. Hubby wanted to name them Demonic-something as they are warlocks, and I can see the point in this. However I couldn’t think of anything that would tie them together. So I named them Huzband and Wife. However, being called wife all the time is a nice little reminder to the life I live. Don’t suppose I’ll be getting hit on much on that toon, will I? I’ll have to be more creative with the next batch.

Anyways, there are the names and why I choose them. I do love names people use for RPing, but I’m not quite so creative. Usually I attempt to stick to a naming scheme, but then that makes me easier to pick out, and sometimes I just wanna be left alone. I’m excited to come up with new names in the future.


P.S. — Spore has alluded my purchasing feats so far. That game shall be mine!

September 4, 2008

I’ve Been Tagged

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Dechionof the former Benameless, now Dechion’s Place, has tagged me. Blame him, not me.

Really, I think its fun to see where people where or what they were doing when this stuff came up. So here we go.

September 11 Attacks

September 11, 2001: When the first plane hit, I was on my way to school. My friend Malia had picked me up in her car (we took turns, gas was pricey at 99 cents a gallon -.-) The radio was on to our usual Pop/Rock music station when mid song it was interupted to bring us the news of the first plane. Malia understood better then I did. I didn’t even know where the world trade center was, despite being only a couple of weeks from my 17th birthday.

Once we made it to school everyone was talking about it. Some were upset because they had family there. I was on the other side of the country, near Seattle, Washington, but it was effecting us just as badly. I was in my first period class, english, when the second plane hit. We’d been allowed to have the news on in class as part of the “current events” segments of class. We watched as the second plane hit. One hour after that, we were dismissed from school.

Bremerton, the town I’d grown up in was home to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and also nearby Sub Base Bangor. We were told that both stations were threatened for attack, and the base employees were sent home except for those that were needed to tend to the ships, my father included. My mother didn’t seem worried, but I was scared. Things were never the same again at home or at that base. They changed the rules for being able to go on and go off the base. We knew we were going to war. Recruiters hit our school hard, it was our Senior Year. More then half my class went to war in Iraq after graduation. Some stayed, some have come home. Three have died.


Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

January 28, 1986: In 1986 I was two years old. Too young to know or understand what was going on around me. I’d seen video later of the tradgety, and it is a very sad thing, but at the same time, while it was part of my generation, its not something I can recall for myself.


Hurricane Katrina

August 29, 2005: I was at work at the bank at the time. There was a TV always on in the lobby that I could see from my teller window. We turned off the usual elevator music and turned up the TV. As I worked through the day I watched the disaster happen. I’ve been fortunate to have always lived on the west coast. I’ve never had to deal with hurricanes. However here in Ketchikan we do have hurricane force winds and rain, we just dont call them that. I was in disbleif when they told me Garen was on recall to help clean up the mess. He never got called, but the result of the unpreparedness for the storm was mind boggling. How can you NOT be prepared for something that occurs yearly in your part of the world? Either way, its still a mess, but better prepared now. 

Reagan Assassination Attempt


March 30, 1981: this happened three years prior to my birth, so as much as I’d like to bullshit my way through it, you’d know I was totally lying.

John Lennon’s Death

December 8, 1980: This one was even earlier. Four years before my birth, hell, Garen was only two months old when this happened. So its a no go here for me, too.

Kurt Cobain’s Death

ca. April 5, 1994: I was in fourthgrade when this happened. Not yet a Nirvana fan and pretty oblivious to his death. However, when I married in 2002, I went to the EMP in Seattle durning my honey moon. On display were all kinds of stuff that he’d had, including hand written lyrics, clothes, guitars and pictures. Looking at his stuff made me sad. He was a person just the same as you or I. Opinionated, had ideas, and dreams. Loved his little girl. He needed help, no one could help him though. And he died from it. I was sad in my later years not because this man was famous and touched me somehow, but because it was apparent he was losing his way, and no one helped him.

Brandon Lee’s Death

March 13, 1993. I saw the movie The Crow at a party when I was 15 years old. I didn’t know the story until then. While unusual, this one didn’t seem so tragic to me. It was an accident and that sucks, but because of how old it was I guess and the minorness of the loss, it didn’t bother me. I was bothered by the deaths of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez of TLC, and of Ahliya because they were young, and both died in accidents that weren’t any cause of their own. I was old enough to remember them personally though and I think it made the difference.



Big Bear Butt

Big Red Kitty



September 3, 2008

Building Rapport

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I had an assignment today for my Business Communications class that asked me to pick a reader that I had rapport with. As I did this assignment and discussed things that could help an author build rapport with their readers it occurred to me that I hadn’t really don’t much to build a relationship with my own readers. I haven’t really got a set topic I stick to, as I like to write about just about everything, just as much as I love to play all of my alts. I also haven’t really said too much about myself personally, as usually, people don’t care that much about who you are as much as they care about what dirt you want to spill.

So here I am, wondering what is it that brings back those few readers I have the seem to check in on me daily. I wonder what thing I have in common with my readers that keeps their interest perked. Could it be the multiboxing? Perhaps that I have ten thousand alts? Maybe, it has to do with that female thing. I don’t really know. What I do know is someone out there on the interwebs is actually reading my thoughts. My very random thoughts that I often don’t plan out before I put them down. I like the Fire, Ready, Aim! approach.

This is after all, a blog. It isn’t supposed to be organized. I’m not running a business here. I am not making any money in writing. I simply randomly blurt out whatever random thought comes to mind and then run with it. It’s like a free write, where the only corrections I make when I am done are to my spelling. So I suppose my rapport would be with those who take life as it comes. They are random, they don’t always care about the facts. I personally, run on emotion. It is my emotions that drive my opinions, and my opinions that drive this blog.

So to all you folks who actually read this mess, thank you. Thank you for understanding my randomness and not demanding that I set a tone, or a topic. I love having you and I love hearing from you. I hope that the same is true for you to me. So until next time,

Potatoes are awesome!

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