December 8, 2008

WoW Code

Posted in General, Humor, WoW tagged , , , at 3:26 am by Andrea

I saw this over at the Pink Pigtail Inn, who orginally found it at TyphoonAndrew’s. I thought it was so awesome and geeky, that I should of course try it out for myself. You can find all the orginal coding over at his site… and here goes mine:

M:Pa78, Ms: Holy, Mr: Dr, S: Draenor – PST – PvE, G: Mythos, PvP+, PvE++, 2004.12, D: C++, Ori: BT, L++, !Dr, : D, Alt: SRo71, SL/SLWl70, HolyPr70, BMHu63, FDK63, AWL62

Thats insane. So… how geeky are you?