March 24, 2009

You Survived!

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Did you ever see that quest? If you ever played a Draenei, I bet you have. It’s the first one you get when you start the character. The quest sticks out in my mind because my good friend Denny picked it up his first day playing the Alliance and read it to us. “You Survived…… YESSSSSS!”. Trust me, it was rather entertaining.

So yes, I survived my surgery. As I said, it was minor, and though I am uncomfortable still, I am fully functional, and able to get back to posting. I have been playing WoW still in my absence and have managed a few achievements. My guild did finally clear Naxx10, they also downed new bosses in 25, namely, Gluth and Four Horseman. However, we’ve hit our brick wall with Thaddius. It doesn’t help that our tanks keep taking off. We’ve lost five in a very short amount of time. Most of them have left for bullshit reasons, others, well… I’m just gonna stay out of it, thats how bad it is.

The officer situation is getting a little tense. It nearly always does at some point or another. I had to kick one officer for just flat out being a dick. However, one of the four GMs is having some, well… she said she needed a break, but with all the time she is spending on Garrosh, I’m inclinded to think otherwise.

I’m so proud of the guild lately, and frusterated at the same time. We’d made progress, good strong progress, but no matter that fact people still got grouchy, still got upset that we weren’t as elite as they wanted the guild to be, and of course, those that were the most pissed off about it have left, the rest… well, they bitch a lot but they keep on truckin.

I’m so proud of the ones who keep going. Even the ones who complain.

However, it’s getting to the point where if we dont burst through that brick wall soon, there wont be enough bodies to break through it ever. I keep trying to express that, but no one seems to listen. Honestly its like a selfish spoiled only child who sees his neighbor’s shiny new toy and forgets the one in his hand. 

Yeah. I’m ranting. I don’t think I’ve ever done much of that before.

Good news, though. We’ve gotten our orders, and we’re moving out of Alaska this summer. We’re taking a good old fashioned road trip to our final stop in Cheboygan Michigan. Yeah… you heard right, Michigan, not Wisconsin, and yes, it’s almost exactly the same as Ketchikan… except it’s got roads, and thats all I need.

So we’ll be taking a trip, from May 27th until July 15th. We’ll be stopping in Bremerton Wa, Bosie ID, Salt Lake City UT, Great Bend KS, Des Moines IA, Milwaukee WI, and Green Bay, WI. If you know of any awesome sights or eats along the way, let me know ok?

Also. My DK hit 80 tonight. Bout Freakin’ Time.



March 4, 2009

The Grind

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My goodness, I’ve been busy. Since the merger, I’ve been working my butt off to catch up guildies in gear to get them into 25 man Naxx. For the past two weeks we’ve been running a 10 man EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sometimes for 4 or 5 hours a day. Why so much? Well, there are 66 80s in the guild, and a good half of them still needed gear. When we first started, we had a lot of 900-1300 DPS. There are two groups, one that runs Tues, Thurs and Sat, and the other runs Weds, Fri, and Sunday. Also on Tuesday’s day side raids, we’ve been grabbing OS 10, 25 and VoA 10 and 25. On Monday’s we’ve been conducting “checks” on the improvements by doing the 25 man Naxx. The first week we had quite a few wipes, but downed Noth, and Heigan, the entire Spider Wing, and made attempts at Four Horseman. The second week we cleared Spider, Cleared Plague and added Patchwerk to our list. This last Monday we really shined. We one shot the Spider Wing, the Plague Wing, had 3 shots to down Patch, and another 3 or so more to down Grobbulus. However, this time, ALL of the raid pulled over 2k DPS and a good chunk even pulled over 3k. I’m very proud of their achievements, and it goes to show that the grind work has paid off.

But we’re not done yet.

We have one more week of pouring ourselves into the 10 man Naxx. Starting next reset, we shall switch to a dedication to the 25 man version, and will still continue 1 ten man around it. Also, we are going to stand up 1 10 man Eye of Eternity group, and see how that goes, too. Once all that is said and done, we’ll then take a focus to leaving drakes up in the OS runs, and by then, we’ll hopefully be as ready as ever for Ulduar.

I believe we’ve come a long way in three short weeks.

There have been a few minor issues we have had to address in running two guilds as one. With four GMs and 3 Officers, there had been some clashing in personality, but I believe we’ve overcome the most of it, and we’re heading in pretty strong. We did lose a few that will be dearly missed in the process, but a few losses were expected.

So now we trudge forward, hopefully bringing down new bosses in our path.

In case you were wondering what I’ve been up to… when I am not running the raids I am generally working on rep achievements. I have become so obcessed with getting forty exalted factions lately.  I have 25 done now, with the newest being Sons of Hodir. All that is left now is the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and I will have all the reputations for WotLK that are currently available to have.


25 Exalted Factions

25 Exalted Factions

I also keep getting the itch to level my alts. Of course I do, being an Altoholic and all, but currently, the guild is my focus and I cannot take away from that. 

On a personal note, I’ll be having some minor oral surgery soon, and might be down and out for a few days. Also, we are STILL waiting for orders to know when and where we are moving, so it’s causing a bit of stress. Finally, it is nearing on my finals week for my courses, so I’m very busy there, as well. So that’s the news, and I’ll be back with more soon!

February 23, 2009

Achievement Spam

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It was yet another busy week for me and the guildies at <Abyss>. I have two more resets to finish gearing up the guild for the 25 mans we should be doing.  We spent the week taking two groups into Naxx 10. The first group got four bosses down, and the second group got 12. Why did one do so much better than the other? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m gonna guess it was luck of the draw and the route each group choose to take through the instance. I lead the second group and took them down spider first, then plauge, then construct and finally military. The other group started with the military wing. I’d assume that’s part of it. The other part would have been the gear levels of those involved. Our tanks and healers were already geared to begin with, whereas the other group had a healer and a tank that need some more lovin’. 

I did spend the day and ran that healer through 6 heroics though, so she’s much better off then she was. Overall just on runs I did, I saw more than 40 upgrades go out to guildies who needed them. Already I can see vast improvement of our DPS. I’m very proud of them for working so hard in only 1 week’s time.

So in between the massive heroics each day and a Naxx group going in daily, I found time to grind out my Argent Dawn rep to net me a title, and then I finished off my gnomer rep for a title there, too. On top of the Naxx achievements I didn’t have, it was a bit of spam this week. Now I’m focusing on Sporggar rep, and then I’ll move on to the other netural to exalted grinds I need for that title, as well. So far, I’m 20 factions into the 40 I’d like to eventually have.


20 Factions, Woot!

20 Factions, Woot!



Finally, as a guild we’re beginning to see what we’ve got, and getting to know each other. We did lose two DC’ers already, but everyone else seems to be going pretty strongly. Theres two or three that are being a little bit stubborn about the gear grind we’re having to do, but otherwise, everyone else seems to be on the same page. So, two more weeks of grinding, and off to 25s we go!

February 17, 2009

Let the Merger Begin!

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We had a majority of votes. Out of 79 accounts, 32 voted yes, and a few of the accounts haven’t logged in in over two months… so we began the merger last night. Already I can see where the two sides will collide, Old <We Wipe On Trash> members are used to full clearing 25 man Naxx without blinking, whereas, <Damage Control> members had never been in before. So it will take patience from the WWoT people, and some quick learning out of the DC ones, but I think we’ll get there soon enough. I mean, for a raid where half had never been before, we cleared Spider Wing, got all but Lotheb in the Plague Wing, and all but the Four Horseman in the Military Wing. All in all, I think a really good week for all of us, and only one item DE’d. However, to help with the gear difference, we’ll be going into the 10’s some more to play catchup on gear for some people.

During the 25, I was given the job of being one of the two back tanks for the four horseman event. Now, I consider myself well versed in knowing what I can and can’t do, and I was fairly confident I could do this… but apparently, I cant. I can always make the first switch, but once I reach the other side, I cannot outheal the damage I take. It’s painful really. I wonder if some resileance would work for that?


Either way… still a good run, and looking forward to seeing how this merger pans out. <Damage Control> is now <Abyss>.

February 9, 2009

WTB More Healers

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So, these last few weeks have been downright exhusting. I stepped out of guild management a long time ago, because I am just one of those people who can’t leave it alone. I have to micro manage it and supervise and do everything to make sure it is done right. This time around it isn’t I who holds the deed to the guild, that would be Lutrail… however, due to his schedule versus mine, and a severe lack of healers, I end up scheduling and leading the raids. It’s not a big deal, 3 or 4 days a week isn’t something that is too difficult to make, but since it requires both Garen and I to run at the same time, from 6pm to 9pm our time, a lot gets ignored. 

Usually, we all get home about 4:30, have dinner around 5:30, clean up, do homework and all that. The baby went to bed at 7pm and the older child in bed by 8:30. I usually finished up any homework for the day after that, and Garen and I would try to be in bed by 10:30 or 11, so we can get up at 6:30 the next day. Typical family life right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to help my guildies, I love being there for my guild! I just can’t be there everyday… because now our schedule has changed… We get home at 4:30, I get my son done with his homework, and we rush to feed them dinner. We ignore the chores, turn on a movie for the kids, and prepare the raid by 5:30 my time. Leading a raid and watching kids is a skill I think I’ve fine tuned, but it does get incredibly frusterating from time to time. When we aren’t running raids, we are solving issues that arise, healing much needed heroics and farming our own gold for our repairs and reagents. On raid nights I’m rushing to finish my own homework, which is due by 10pm my time. Perviously, I was doing my homework, updating the blog(s), and updating my twitter stuff during the day. Now I am spending the day catching up on the chores we ignored to raid… It was getting tight, but still manageable right?

Well, I had something come up last friday night. My landlord is moving to Arizona, and is selling this house that we live in. She needed us to come down, meet the realtor and sign some paperwork right away because she was leaving the state the next day. This meant that Garen and I would not make our Friday raid. Well, I thought, not a big deal, as on the weekends we have two more healers available. So, I instructed the guild that the should go without us, and to take the two other healers, but a few protested that group two was supposed to stand up that weekend. And they were right, Garen and I had two healed the Naxx ten to free up a healer to work with the weekend healer to try a group two. So, I instructed them to instead, stand up the group two and I would try to take group one later. And so, I left someone in charge, told them to PuG the people they are missing, and logged out, feeling pretty bad.

I hadn’t been gone half an hour yet when I got a phone call from a good friend that is a guildie, telling me one of my tanks has left the guild. Communication issues he said. Great… So I get home about 9:30 my time and log in. I count 4 guildies in Naxx, so I ask whats up? Four was all that showed I was told, except the tank that quit was signed up too, so I asked about it. No one had a real answer other then communication failure, so I hit him up in a tell. I apologize for the error and explained I had something come up. He said he’d been rash, but that he wanted a few days….. So I’ll give him a few days…

But in the meantime, holy crap! I have to not make it for one day and I lose people and raids get messed up? I cannot be the only person capable of doing this…. I assume it must be the lack of healing available that is causing the trouble. I have searched high and low, in PuGs, in the realm forums, even on this blog. The healers on this server are pretty set in their current guilds. I was quickly running out of ideas until a nice woman named Plx whispered me and said, “I heard DC has some people leave the server”. “Yeah” I said. I didn’t know what else to add to it, it’s not excatly a high point for the guild, but she continued on…”We did too. A lot of people. Our guild was known as ‘We Wipe On Trash'”. I’d heard that name before, seen them running around too. I think they had pretty good progression.

“Wow, that sucks,” I said. “Guess we’re in the same boat huh?” 

“Well, thats why I’m talking to you. WWoT and Nephilem on our server suffered the same fate, and so has DC. Our idea is to put the three guilds together into one new guild, and we’ll call it, Abyss”



Holy crap thats a great idea! We’ve got the largest numbers of the three guilds, but Nep and WWoT are a little bit ahead on the gear. I think we had real potential to help each other out, and the guild merger talks were born. So far, the guild has been very positive about the idea, and I anticipate a majority vote after Thursday’s joint run. The runs will no longer depend on me being able to make it! Yay!

So the point of this post? As you may have seen on our guild website, we may be merging with another guild. DC will not die, we will not disband it (if any old DC players are reading this you can take that deep breath now). There are too many bank tabs bought, and the added security that we could always go back should the merger crash and burn (and trust me, they often do). However a few measures have been taken to prevent that from happening.

  1. This is not a rush decision. We’ve been talking for a few days as of right now, but no one is to cast a final thought until after the joint run on Thursday, and we do want to hear from everyone, so it might take a few days to get all the votes.
  2. Garen, Lutrail and I have spoken to Plx of WWoT and Elio of Nep to make sure the leaderships are all on the same page.
  3. We made sure that everyone is welcomed, even friends, family, alts, and those not yet capped.
  4. No talks on offical guild rules, loot systems or any other major choices have been made yet. That will not be done until all three guilds are together into Abyss, and it will be rules we all agree on.

Most of all, the merger should provide the right kind of balance the guild needs to do the runs they’ve been dying to do. Without relying on my schedule to do them. The runs can be earlier for our east coast members, which is a HUGE plus. So, I’m crossing my fingers that the merger is indeed, a success. So far, I’ve enjoyed the members of the other guilds I’ve met.

On a totally unrelated to mergers note, Garen and I attempted to two man MC. We’re both healers, but since I wear plate, I can get away with



a little more then he can. So I tanked/DPS and he healed. We got the trash alright, and we got Luci after a 20 minute fight… but Mag we didnt clear all the dogs for (and got feared into them) and Gahennis got us with a nice big 75% healing nerf curse. I think I’ll need to bring a druid or a mage with us. I’d forgotten what most of the bosses do anymore, and that makes me kinda sad… but hey, I had fun trying.

Also, did anyone ever notice there is a statistic for “deaths by Hoggar”? I thought that was just awesome. Who remembers level 1 alt raids on Hoggar? I do I do! Additionally, in the things I hadn’t noticed before files, did you know it was possible to hit the bottom of the water in the rather large AN drop? I didn’t but, it happened, poor DK.

Also, Jaanu got the coolest achievement of all! Grats Jaanu!

Coolest Achievement Ever!

Coolest Achievement Ever!







Finally, hopefully with the guild changes I’ll have more time to update this blog… I hope.

January 26, 2009

And So It Begins!

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Whoops, didn’t mean to neglect the blog for so long… also forgot about poor old Twitter too. It’s been an exciting week for <Damage Control>. We decided to take on the raiding as soon as possible and its been a fun trip so far. This week we’ve cleared Ten Man OS, Ten Man VoA, Naxx (Spider Wing, Patchwerk and Plague Wing up to Heigan the Unclean) and ALL of the Horde City Leaders! I think this is pretty damn good for spur of the moment raiding. I personally also finally managed to heal the last boss of Heroic Halls of Lightning. I have no idea why thats been so tough for me but it has.

Also in Andrea news… I’ve leveled Herb/Alch on my DK to 375. I want to get it up there to prepare pots and such for our raids. Im also working on my rogue still. She’s only 76. I have no idea why it’s pissing me off so badly but I am leveling her slowly all the same.

I’ve got some more informative posts circling in my head that I’ll hopefully have up for you all soon… in the meantime, have some screen shots of the guild’s achievements:


Ten Man OS Cleared

Ten Man OS Cleared










On the way to Patchwerk

On the way to Patchwerk


































Spider Wing

Spider Wing

January 21, 2009

Diving Right In

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wowscrnshot_011809_234739So, I’ve been helping to run my guild. Our head guy, Lutrail, did some work lately with our ranks and I think we’ve narrowed it down to a much less confusing state of being. Which is awesome. I do think any guild leader should ensure that ranks are not only understood, but that the members know if and how they can promote, even if they aren’t that worried about it. Knowing that you can makes all the difference, in my experience at least.

I’ve noticed that the guild is still a little on edge, though things have certainly calmed down and people aren’t leaving anymore. I recently scheduled a guild meeting for Thursday. I intend to do this fairly often, to not only keep the guild informed, but to keep them INVOLVED. Like right now, we’re recruiting, and really, I don’t like to recruit people I’ve never run with. However, if the members meet someone great on a run, and they’re interested in joining, I am ALL over that.

Still, there were some concerns. A good chunk of the guild approached me in tells or on our forums asking me why we were having this meeting. I think they were worried about bad news. I of course reassured them that communication was important and I was just trying to keep everyone informed, but I think they are still worried. The idea over the guild meeting is to go over a few things and answer any questions. Some topics I intend to cover include:

  1. The Guild Vault – See, we have this vault, and its loaded with goodies, but due to the prior leadership not only leaving up filling up every alt with the goods from the guild, I think others are a little bit afraid to take. I want them to take! So I will make sure to mention this.
  2. The New Ranks – We changed their names, but not really the permissions. There are 9 ranks plus the GM. Each one is moreso an indicator of time in guild, or readiness to raid. Promotion is possible and encouraged. The factors include time in, and upon request. Of course, if someone feels they are in a position they shouldn’t be, or one they WANT to be in, all they must do is say so, and we can talk about it.
  3. Raiding – We put our guild on a mini hiatus while we figured out what we still have and still need. Now that we’ve figured it out we are ready to buckle down and dive right in, so we want to make the guild aware of this. Also that means not running with PuGs every Tuesday so we can run guild runs. We should also discuss the plans for looting, raid schedule, and invite methoods.
  4. Recruitment – Things have gone well with this area. I am closing the Paladin class, the Hunter Class, The Boomkin Druid, and the Warlock. However we are still in need of Mages, 1 Holy Priest, 2 Restro Druids and some Shaman, Elemental or Restro.
  5. Getting to Know Each Other – What I mean by this, is as a healer, I try to get used to healing all of the tanks. They all have different styles, different speeds of obtaining aggro and different aoe abilities. Some die faster then others. Knowing my guildies will make the raids that much easier, and I suggest the same to the guild.


The tank appeared naked in OS

The tank appeared naked in OS

So that’s the plan, anyways. On another note we decided to throw together a ten man VoA last night. We managed to keep it guild only. We got him on the first shot, but it was a little sloppy. I only took two healers, myself and my husband. I wonder if I should have opted for a third. Either way the boss went down, and thats what really matters. Well, that, and I had fun. I was so happy for them, we decided to continue to a 10 man OS. I swapped out three people, brought in an extra priest healer, and a mage PuG. Half of the raid had never been before, so it was a learning experience for them. As for me, I’d only been once successfully, and that was a ten man, so we took our time. We had extra long fights on the double pat group, with the mage not understanding his decursing job, but after quickly instructing my DPS to stop casting with the buff, and trading heals around to keep it from getting worse, we managed to down them.


We also suffered some trouble with the second drake. I had assumed (wrongly) that with three warlocks and a mage (and a hunter too, with a DK OT) that the welps would be a breeze. That wasn’t the case. We wiped three or four times before finally getting the welps under control and downing the drake. We finished up the trash and decided to continue tonight. So here’s to hoping that the guild sees success. I know they need it, really badly.

On another note I went to a Naxx 1o man with another guild called Brothers N Arms. Very nice group of guys, RL friends, the whole guild. So I got in at Gluth and continued to clean the place out. I was greatful for the experience so I can use it to lead my own raids, but I also got lucky and walked out with my tier 7 helm as well. I am so excited for the guild to get in there now, I really think they’ll see great success!

January 12, 2009

Well, Damn.

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I’ve been dreading posting this, because I fear it will rehash the disaster of a weekend my guild just experienced, but I’m gonna suck it up and post it anyways. So I recently found this guild, and I really thought it was going to work for us. The group was chatty and friendly, and it seemed like a good place to be. We started raiding with two groups and as far as I could tell, all was fine. However, before and after Naxx last weekend, the officers and GM apparently had a few meetings, and quietly decided to xfer off our server because of the queues we’d recently been experiencing.

Thats all fine and dandy… except only the officers knew… and only the officers (and one or two members, after the fact) went. Two officers stayed, and they said they’d been out of the loop too. So I logged in Friday Morning just in time to see guild lead passed off to one of the two officers who stayed. No goodbyes, no explination… just gone… along with a tab or two out of the guild vault and 5,000 gold that members donated to the guild bank. 

So I hopped into vent with the new guild leader and quickly put together what was going on. We were in vent maybe ten minutes when that got shut down… so I offered up mine. I quickly began planning along with our new GM (who quickly promoted myself and hubby to co-gms) and started work on a new website as well… A few members decided to xfer too, and a few decided to leave guild but to stay on the server… but a good chunk have decided to hang out with us.

After many questions and upset guildies I’ve only known for a week, I decided to go to the forums, and call out the old leadership on this exodus, going so far as to say leaving that way was a chickenshit thing to do… and it exploded. I’ve been called crazy, I’ve been told I’m making a martyr of myself. Either way, I have to say I must have riled up a few feathers, because they’ve shut down that website, too. They’ve gone on to make the guild Absoultion… ironic huh?

Either way, guess I’m back into the leadership role. Obviously they haven’t hurt us too badly, as we threw up a ten man Naxx on the calendar just to see if we’d have enough…. and we do. I’ll work on our new website some more and recruit the few holes we have… (We have NO mages… how did that work out??) and we’ll move on… but it’s been a…. stressful weekend. I sure can pick me a guild, huh?

Either way… we’re recruiting… if you are interested, please visit our forums at and drop an app… we’re in need of at least 1 of each class!

Guess I’ve got some time to work on my alts.

January 7, 2009

Spider Wing Cleared

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I’ve been slacking on the posting. Been having some RL medical stuff come up and I’ve been extremely distracted by it. However, recently I got to see a REAL rogue and the kind of damage it can do, I leveled engineering up to 422, I fished my heart out for some coins and got the Silver in the City achievement, and I picked up my very last recipe from Dalaran, leaving me 14 short of my 160. There’s the tidbits, now on to the good stuff.

wowscrnshot_010609_184430As I mentioned, my group of server hopping guild searching refugees friends recently found a home in the guild Damage Control. Things have been awesome, and all in all I don’t think we’ve ever been so widely accepted before. Everyone seems to be happy and that leaves me a lot more time to worry about myself. Yesterday, was regular raid day for the guild. They’d been doing 1 group for 10 man Naxx. Last night, thanks to the addition of two uber awesome healers, (ahem) we were able to get two off the ground. Group 2, my group, had about half a raid full of nooblets, including myself, to Naxx, but that didn’t stop us. With only one wipe on the last boss in the Spider Wing, we managed to clear them all with EASE even, and started down the plague wing before calling it a night. Tonight the guild has Heroic OS, lets hope we can get him totally on our own.

January 3, 2009

In with the New!

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wowscrnshot_010209_221205My group of friends and I have found a new home for ourseleves in a guild called Damage Control. I really like this group already and fits into the majority of standards I had set with Infusion. It’s even run by a female GM who’s name is also Andrea. Go figure… We’d been in the guild about an hour when we decided to do a run of Heroic OS. I’d never been before but the concept is actually pretty simple. We took 6 tries to get the last boss… with most of the wipes occuring at 4% or less due to bad management of adds. The group as a whole functioned well together, even though we had several PuGs. 

It was great to try a new place again and as far as “Heroic” mode goes the place really was cake. For myself, I stayed halfway between the melee and the full ranged area. I watched for the range wave, hubby watched for the melee one (the ranged is always on the left, the melee on the right.) I called out a five second warning and then we called out the wave we saw. It was very easy. The adds were taken care of thanks to the fact that we had like 7 mages present. Coordination is what took us six tries, but once we got it down it makes you wonder what was hard about it.

Its nice to be on runs again.

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