March 28, 2009

Somebody Loves Me!

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I have a fan, who knew? Kidding. Obviously there will be readers, but every now and again, I find one I didn’t know about before that has a blog of their own. Today’s blogger is Ruhtra of Holy Shock who tagged me in a little meme. So I’m gonna do this meme, but before I do, let’s give a little shoutout to Ruhtra! Ruhtra’s blog Holy Shock is a personal and interesting read into the life of a holy pally, but often his own thoughts and opinions weigh in heavily, and it is easy to relate to him on his topics. I can tell this blog is gonna be a good read, and I look forward to seeing more of it!


And now for the meme


  • When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real.
  • Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  • List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

    7 Awesome Blogs To Read (That I Award): (In no particular order)

    1. Big Red Kitty — Expected? Maybe. But I don’t even play a hunter, and I’m fairly convinced I could tell you all about it thanks to him. I especially love the little pieces where he argues with himself or when he talks about military matters. BRK is an enjoyable read, even if you don’t play a hunter.

    2. Egotistical Priest — And here I thought I was full of myself. Ego has a lot of information to take in, but it’s written for the newcomers and the old. Ego has such a way of adding a humor twist to the posts that you just can’t help but enjoy them. A great read.

    3. Lady Jess — I link her a lot, but I just love her views on WoW. Jess has the uncommon ability to find the smallest details in this game we overlook so often. It’s always refreshing to go there and see what gem she’s found recently.

    4. World of Matticus — I’m a healer. This is my go-to resource to find out the latest and greatest in game updates and in healing. Matticus and his team have researched far and wide  to provide the best healer related information out there.

    5.  Actually, I give up here. I know so many bloggers but they’ve all been tagged already!

    Now…. the second half….

    10 Truths…

    1. I’m a terrible terrible homemaker. I’m sure you already knew that, but Im gonna state it again anyways….. TERRIBLE

    2. I am in college right now, and I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA. So far I am only six courses in, but whatever, its a start.

    3. Garen is the cook in our house…. though I can do minor cooking, I just never learned to be very good at it.

    4. I was never very secure in my religion until recently. But I never lied about it, either.

    5. I’ve held three jobs, and all three for a year or less each.

    6. I am a diagnosed Bi-polar… and now they are making me take pills for it.

    7. I have quit smoking 4 times, once for each pregnacy and once when I first married Garen. I quit quitting cause nobody likes a quitter! (actually the pills from above are also a quit smoking aid! I really AM trying for the 5th time)

    8. I’m only just now believing that I might be intelligent after all.

    9. I am terribly insecure about how I look and how people see me. I constantly worry about the image I make and am always walking on egg shells to make sure everything is pleasant.

    10. Despite the fact that they are just terrible for you, I drink an Amp every morning. Its a habit I started at 16 when Garen demanded I never drink coffee again (and I don’t!)


    March 24, 2009

    You Survived!

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    Did you ever see that quest? If you ever played a Draenei, I bet you have. It’s the first one you get when you start the character. The quest sticks out in my mind because my good friend Denny picked it up his first day playing the Alliance and read it to us. “You Survived…… YESSSSSS!”. Trust me, it was rather entertaining.

    So yes, I survived my surgery. As I said, it was minor, and though I am uncomfortable still, I am fully functional, and able to get back to posting. I have been playing WoW still in my absence and have managed a few achievements. My guild did finally clear Naxx10, they also downed new bosses in 25, namely, Gluth and Four Horseman. However, we’ve hit our brick wall with Thaddius. It doesn’t help that our tanks keep taking off. We’ve lost five in a very short amount of time. Most of them have left for bullshit reasons, others, well… I’m just gonna stay out of it, thats how bad it is.

    The officer situation is getting a little tense. It nearly always does at some point or another. I had to kick one officer for just flat out being a dick. However, one of the four GMs is having some, well… she said she needed a break, but with all the time she is spending on Garrosh, I’m inclinded to think otherwise.

    I’m so proud of the guild lately, and frusterated at the same time. We’d made progress, good strong progress, but no matter that fact people still got grouchy, still got upset that we weren’t as elite as they wanted the guild to be, and of course, those that were the most pissed off about it have left, the rest… well, they bitch a lot but they keep on truckin.

    I’m so proud of the ones who keep going. Even the ones who complain.

    However, it’s getting to the point where if we dont burst through that brick wall soon, there wont be enough bodies to break through it ever. I keep trying to express that, but no one seems to listen. Honestly its like a selfish spoiled only child who sees his neighbor’s shiny new toy and forgets the one in his hand. 

    Yeah. I’m ranting. I don’t think I’ve ever done much of that before.

    Good news, though. We’ve gotten our orders, and we’re moving out of Alaska this summer. We’re taking a good old fashioned road trip to our final stop in Cheboygan Michigan. Yeah… you heard right, Michigan, not Wisconsin, and yes, it’s almost exactly the same as Ketchikan… except it’s got roads, and thats all I need.

    So we’ll be taking a trip, from May 27th until July 15th. We’ll be stopping in Bremerton Wa, Bosie ID, Salt Lake City UT, Great Bend KS, Des Moines IA, Milwaukee WI, and Green Bay, WI. If you know of any awesome sights or eats along the way, let me know ok?

    Also. My DK hit 80 tonight. Bout Freakin’ Time.


    December 19, 2008

    Happy Non Denominational Winter Season!

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    For a vast majority of people, this weekend marks the beginning of winter break! Now we don’t wanna be pickin favorites here, as not everyone celebrates Christmas… so here’s some Winter Joy brought to you by Calvin and Hobbes… not not the BRK sort… the kind! Enjoy!



    December 18, 2008

    Time For Some Gear Grinds

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    Pallylust has achieved 1660 healing, thanks to the help of my awesome guidie, Gahrie, who gifted me with three crafted epics. With the new gear in tow, I took on Heroic Violet Hold and cleared it with no deaths, netting me two new achievements. I then decided to take a crack at Heroic Nexus with Lady Jess to help me heal. It was late and we were being sloppy and failed to drop the arcane guy whos name escapes me at this very moment. We’ll try again today likely. Either way, its occured to me that I need to set an outline of where to go to get some gear drops. I have been randomly running regulars, and thus far, nothing has dropped that is really of any use to me. So I’ll be conducting some research soon.  You can look forward to that post. Also, I still run my alts, they haven’t been neglected, but are still in the leveling process, I’ll be making posts for my rogue and death knight soon. 

    Finally, Ive been considering doing some interviews of my own guildies and their take on their respective classes and what makes WoW so enjoyable for them… so occasionally and starting soon, you’ll be seeing those here too. Sorry for the lack of anything really educational lately, I’ve been on the grind to gear up to heal runs and raids for my own guild, and with Christmas coming and final projects due soon for my college courses, Im having less time to spit out some useful information. I promise to do better soon. Please look forward to it. Happy Holidays everyone, and the new posts will be going up soon!


    November 13, 2008

    Ketchikan Release Party!

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    Garen and Andrea, Wrath Release 2008

    Garen and Andrea, Wrath Release 2008

    Oh man, it was my very first time going to a midnight release, and man did I have fun. Last time, for TBC, Garen went and camped out the Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning so he could be first by 7am. This time, we arrived at 10pm for the midnight purchase. Though it was my first time, Garen recongized some people, and other people remembered Garen. We started out with only 6 orginally, myself and Garen included, but over time, that number reached 22. The downside of the evening was that none of the collector’s editions showed up, so those that preordered it got regular editions, but that left no extra copies, and one of my real life friends was betting on there being extras. So I did the nice thing, I gave her my copy. Don’t worry, I picked one up at Wal-Mart this morning.



    The Whole Posse

    The Whole Posse

    So last night though, it was about 39 degrees, and raining. We were all frozen to the bone. However, that did not dwindle the spirit of the WoW players. We talked about what realms we played on (none of us on the same one) and what our favorite moments in WoW are. We chatted briefly about how annoying the zombies were, and for the most part, we picked on a kid named Chris who was only level 55, but had pre-ordered his copy of Wrath all the same. One guy went so far as to “hump” the poor boy. He was laughing too though…. he even posed for a picture



    under the handicap sign, the place we decided he needed to stand for the night for being only level 55.



    Jokes were shared, stories told, laughs all around. All in all, I’m glad I went, it was an experience I’ll never forget, and I met some awesome people. Shout out to my fellow WoW players in Ketchikan, if you are reading this blog!

    November 8, 2008


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    I know I’ve lacked any sort of real enthusiasm for my posts. I was distracted by final projects, two new classes starting, working on making some Christmas Presents, and election mumbo Jumbo. Since we have less than a week remaining until Wrath hits, I am going to avoid beating the dead horse. I’m not abandoning you guys are anything (Like I could, blogging is totally addicting!) I’m just not posting anything really all that exciting, as I am taking this week to catch up, and maybe get ahead on my responsibilities, so that I can enjoy those first couple of weeks of Wrath without feeling like I’ve neglected the world.

    Yesterday was Hubby’s birthday, btw. I got him Rock Band for our 360. He loves it of course, especially the drums. I also brought him some cake to his work. He is 28 years young. I also have a few projects I am working on, including some blankets for soldiers overseas, baby hats for the knit one save one campaign over at and also some pillowcases for our local hospital. On top of those, I also need to finish a yellow and green scarf and hat for my dad, a quilt for him, and various other artsy crap for various family members for christmas.

    Sooner then that though, I have quite the Thanksgiving Feast to plan. This year Garen and I are expecting 12 people for dinner. That means two fried turkeys, one ham, 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, a green bean cassorle, corn, gravy, rolls, a salad, chips and dip, veggie trays, and three pies to plan and buy. Not to mention the beverages.

    Finally, my classes don’t slow down because the world becomes busy. So far, I am a 4.0 student, and I hope to keep that up. So as you can see, there is much to catch up on. It doesn’t help that our house that we rent is currently up for sale, so we’ve got to jump up and scrub it any time a possible buyer wants to see it. Also, yesterday I developed a massive tooth ache that resulted in a massive infection and a trip to the ER. I had a golf ball sized swelling on my lower right jaw. They have given me pain killers and antibiotics, which have made it hard to focus on much of anything for too long.

    So as you can see, lately my plate has been full. I intend to get back on track with the WoW posting, I’m just waiting for something more thrilling then Dire Maul to write about. Five more days to go… we can do this, we can make it.

    Much love to my readers,


    September 1, 2008

    OK, Break Time Is Over

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    So I took a couple of days to welcome back my husband from his over sea’s adventures. He claims it was a blast. Im sure it was. He seems pretty happy to be home now and I’m more then happy to be able to have a little break. But, now its time to get back on the bandwagon, so here’s whats up.

    I start college tomorrow. I’m quite excited. I don’t think it will cut too much into my day to day life as I never really did much before except house stuff, mom stuff, and WoW. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    As for WoW in the last few days, I did respec Pallylust back into holy to heal a Gruul’s run with my guild. Hubby came along on his holy priest as well. I didn’t mind healing the run for them, as it was a shorter one and easy to boot. After that was done I logged on Hugz and Kissesz and hubby Grabbed his Fury Warrior and we took out Scarlet Monastery Library four times and the Armory twice. All together today I managed to take the hunters from level 31 to level 37 and a half. 6 1/2 levels in one day is not bad. Not bad at all! I am starting to think that maybe if I push instance running, with hubby helping out, I might be able to ding them 60 before this week is over.

    So that brings me to what next? Well, since I have 90 days to get the most out of this refer a friend deal, I think I’ll bust us out some mages next, and then onto druids. If there is time that is. Anyways, its rather late here and I just wanted to put up a note that I’m working on some ideas for post for you all to enjoy ❤ I know how hard it must be for you all when I’m not around, but rest assured, I shouldn’t be leaving you again any time soon.

    Until next time!

    August 10, 2008

    Im Not Dead!

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    “Haaavvvvvveeeee you heard the news that you’re dead? No one ever had much nice to say, I think they never liked you anyways…..”

    Sorry I couldn’t help myself. If you don’t know it, the song is Dead! by My Chemical Romance. Check it out on youtube or something.

    Anyways, Real life hit like a truck and to make things more complicated my baby girl decided my computer was thirsty for some Mountain Dew. It still has not recovered, but I’ve managed to throw together a backup that can sustain my WoW addiction. We are now three weeks into my husband’s six week deployment and I am utterly exhusted. Of course there’s been drama, some tears, and a pact to not actually tie the kids up and throw them in the closet. Somehow though the house remains relatively clean and no one was arrested the day my family came for a visit, though there were some narrow escapes.

    Now everything is settled down and we are still a few weeks out from Garen’s return, so I think we can take a few moments to take a deep breath and realize we can and will surivive this, even if we don’t want to.

    So in recent weeks Ive resigned from raiding in my husband’s absence. I just don’t have the awesome multitasking ability of screaming at children to be quiet so I can learn this boss strat. I will pick up on it again once Garen returns. This has left a lot of time to farm and play alts. I’ve been PvPing like mad on my rogue, I even respec’d her to Shadowstep. I know yuk it up, But I tell ya its saved my butt more times then I can count. I like using it to gain some yardage on running the flag in WSG.

    Ive also been running a lot of Heroic Magister’s Terrace for the shard of contempt. It dropped once but I lost it to a DPS warrior. Ah well we’ll continue to run for it. I also have done a couple of Karas but believe it or not, not a SINGLE peice of melee gear has dropped on either of those runs. It makes me want to cry inside.

    I still want to reach the gold cap before WotLK and I hope I have enough time left over to level one more alt. However without my main machine running I am without my UI, my pretty mods, and I cannot multibox on this machine, so it’s on the back burner for now. So PvP farming and gold farming it is. Wish me luck.

    I hope that I have corrected all this enough to continue to blog again for you all. I’m sorry I left you hanging but I am sure with time, you will come to forgive me. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a hook in the closet with my son’s name on it.

    July 18, 2008

    Real Life Steps In

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    At least for a day or two. My husband is being deployed with the USCG for a month and we’re trying to get things in order before he goes. Might even squeeze in some quality time while we’re at it. He’ll leave Sunday morning and I’ll be back full force to fill in that gap of loneliness and boredom. Sorry I’m not savvy enough with this blog yet to prewrite posts, I’ll get around to learning that eventually. So wish me luck and I’ll see you guys in a few days!