February 14, 2009

Love is in the Air

Posted in General, WoW tagged , , , , , at 7:10 pm by Andrea

Happy national everyone gets laid Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of love, of kindness, and of expressing one’s self. For me, this holiday is usually fairly unobserved, except for taking our children with us to dinner. But for some people, the day is a big deal. Blizzard, for as long as I can remember, has always had the Valentines Day event, but this is the first year we have achievements for it. As you may know, a lot of people are going for the “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been…” meta achievement. I’m not, personally… however it does effect me all the same. Why you may ask? Well, you see, I am a Draenei Paladin…. and apparently, there are not many of those on my server. I’ve been told we’re just about as elusive as a Troll Rogue… so everytime I’m in a major city, I end up looking like this:

wowscrnshot_021109_212426Which really isn’t that big a deal, I just wonder if those petals will ever come out of my hair. So, everyone is in the spirit of love right? NO! There are some heartbroken fools out there that would do just about anything to spurn you, even been as crazy as to ninja a FROZEN ORB?! Yeah, you heard right… I suppose if you’re gonna ninja something…. take the least valuable item you can right? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned right? Too bad this one’s a dude…



  1. Shawndra said,

    My husband’s first main was a troll rogue. I made him log him in today to shower him with petals. By the time I got to where he was, he had to be standing in a pile of petals knee high!

  2. Esdras said,

    Must be a few dwarf priests as i got hardly any hahaha.

    Our server is ok with Paladin dranai there is 2 in our guild alone.

  3. Drazmor said,

    Yea, my server has a ton of Draenei Paladins. I actually can’t remember seeing a draenei who wasn’t a paladin or a shaman. I’m probably going to go for the meta-achievement (amongst others) when I hit 80. Sigh.

  4. Darraxus said,

    I had a hard time finding an Orc Shaman to put petals on. BTW, what action bar setup do you use? I lke how clean your addons look.

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