February 3, 2009

I Love You, Too!

Posted in General, WoW at 6:46 pm by Andrea

Did you miss me? I’ve been around just incredibly busy. I’ve got a whole new fresh website for my guild all put together and running live (http://www.damagecontrolguild.net) And I’ve been busy running raids (we got Gothik, this week) and recruiting (We still need healers and ranged DPS, interested? Click the guild link to apply). Also, I’ve been enjoying my alts, particularly, my Death Knight. She’s level 70 now, and thanks to a little post about not mashing buttons, she’s making progess rather quickly. Now my guild knows who my alts are, but I don’t imagine that I’ve been on the server long enough for many to know my name, let alone my alts.


Goldfish and Hearts

Goldfish and Hearts

So imagine my surprise when I log into my DK to find an email waiting for her from a guy named Lemonaid. Orginally, I assumed he was just a guildie being nice… however, he’s not. He’s a level 80 guild leader of his own, and one I’ve never heard of before. So I wrote him back, and I said I loved him too, and asked if we ever met before…. in which he replied with ANOTHER goldfish saying that no, we haven’t met, but he loved me anyways… cute I thought, So… I tossed out another email, gave him a happy fun rock and told him to spread the happiness around… we’ll see what he comes up with later today when I log in.



  1. Stop said,

    OMG you ARE alive! I was just thinking yesterday that I hadn’t seen you around in a while. (and I haven’t touched my feed reader in a while)

  2. arb said,

    Finally something I can do with those blasted goldfish! 8^)

  3. thelyse said,

    the guild website looks very nice. i like the wow template. when i build guild website a few years ago, joomla didn’t have nice wow templates. i ended up doing it myself but with a person without design talent, it was a bad wow-wannbe site. :/

  4. Esdras said,

    Very nice guild website.

    Looks like we may need a new guild website soon with all the changes thats happening.

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