January 26, 2009

And So It Begins!

Posted in Guild, Raids, WoW tagged , , , , , at 10:56 pm by Andrea

Whoops, didn’t mean to neglect the blog for so long… also forgot about poor old Twitter too. It’s been an exciting week for <Damage Control>. We decided to take on the raiding as soon as possible and its been a fun trip so far. This week we’ve cleared Ten Man OS, Ten Man VoA, Naxx (Spider Wing, Patchwerk and Plague Wing up to Heigan the Unclean) and ALL of the Horde City Leaders! I think this is pretty damn good for spur of the moment raiding. I personally also finally managed to heal the last boss of Heroic Halls of Lightning. I have no idea why thats been so tough for me but it has.

Also in Andrea news… I’ve leveled Herb/Alch on my DK to 375. I want to get it up there to prepare pots and such for our raids. Im also working on my rogue still. She’s only 76. I have no idea why it’s pissing me off so badly but I am leveling her slowly all the same.

I’ve got some more informative posts circling in my head that I’ll hopefully have up for you all soon… in the meantime, have some screen shots of the guild’s achievements:


Ten Man OS Cleared

Ten Man OS Cleared










On the way to Patchwerk

On the way to Patchwerk


































Spider Wing

Spider Wing



  1. Mike said,

    Grats on the accomplishments, wish I could have seen more Damage Control Members in your screen shots.

  2. altoholicmom said,

    @Mike — Thanks, but Im not sure what you mean by seeing more guildies. They may not be present in body in the shot, but their names are all in the recount or on the healbot mod. All of the PvE Raids were guild only… the horde bosses were only a quarter or so guild and the rest PuGs, However we still did really well I think. You might not know a few names if you knew the old DC. Jannu, Itsazz, Padict, Cerafine and Luk are all new members, while Laycia is an alt of an officer. Lutrail is guild lead, Siiv is an older member and there is me and Garen. I will try to do better to include all of them in the picture next time XD

  3. Mike said,

    I was just referring to the lack of any DC guild tags, other then one person in the TB, and 3 in UC. I just see a ton of other guilds. You should get a pick of all of the guildies together around dead bosses and submit those to Boss Killers! I heard you guys had an awesome OS and Naxx run again, grats.

  4. altoholicmom said,

    You “heard” we had a good raid? Thats not creepy. You’re not stalking me, are you? Odds are you read it off the guild website, or asked Kami… why are you so worried about it?

    Anyways, will do, with the picks, next time we down a boss. The horde city raids were full of all kinds of PuGs.

  5. Mike said,

    Kami talks about you guys in Vent and in Guild Chat and tells about your raids. How is that creepy or stalking? I still have quite a few friends in Damage Control, and you are the one that pointed me to read this blog website – so commenting on such things to me seems appropriate. I am even posting using my real name and real email, not trying to be “sneaky” about anything.


  6. altoholicmom said,

    I think you missed the implied sarcasm in the stalker note…. I even answered my own statement that you likely heard it from kami…

    chill dude, I am simply pulling your leg, so to speak.

    And no. You aren’t exactly being sneaky, are you? LOL or maybe you are, and you’re just that terrible at it… (JOKE!)

    I’ll catch you around.

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