December 19, 2008

Happy Non Denominational Winter Season!

Posted in Real Life tagged , , at 11:58 pm by Andrea

For a vast majority of people, this weekend marks the beginning of winter break! Now we don’t wanna be pickin favorites here, as not everyone celebrates Christmas… so here’s some Winter Joy brought to you by Calvin and Hobbes… not not the BRK sort… the kind! Enjoy!





  1. Shawndra said,

    Ha Ha! I especially liked the very last frame.

  2. altoholicmom said,

    I’m found of the snow shark one myself ^.^

  3. Ruhtra said,

    That was great, first thing this holiday season that actually made me laugh. Quite frankly could not stop.


  4. […] could be like Andrea over at Altaholics are us and craft a funny post wishing everyone a happy nondenominational winter holiday. Come to think of it, this is a wow […]

  5. Asara said,

    I miss Calvin and Hobbes so much, they were always my favorite. I am completely envious of Calvin’s skill with snow-people too. 🙂
    Happy Holidays to you as well!

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