October 26, 2008

Nerf Bosses!

Posted in Raids, WoW tagged , , , , , at 9:38 pm by Andrea

Oh wait, they did. Not that I’m complaining. I don’t mind walking into instances that were once really difficult to learn with a whole bunch of newbies to it, and dropping bosses like they were trash mobs. Which is exactly what we did yesterday. We dropped the Voidwalker chick in TK, then moved on to Winterchill in MH.That was a “by the skin of our teeth” situation. We even took a crack at the second boss in MH, and got pwnt. But I’m ok with that. I ended up with a new belt I wasn’t expecting, so I spent some badges on a trinket. 

Yesterday I managed to complete my Cenarion Circle rep grind and have successfully obtained the title, Pallylust, Guardian of the Cenarion. Which, is just totally awesome. Next up? Ironforge and Gnomeregan Exiles rep for the Ambassador Title, and then on to the Timbermaw, Kuarei and Consortium factions fot thier grinds as well.

Other then that, I’m mostly just waiting time, waiting for the expansion like everyone else.



  1. Dechion said,

    It was a blast. Glad I finaly got to see some of this before it turns into a “retro raid”

    Oddly, I seem to look quite dead in your screnshot though =)

  2. altoholicmom said,

    I think nearly everyone was dead in that screen shot, it was kinda the point XD

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