October 17, 2008

The Smoke Has Cleared

Posted in UI, WoW tagged , , , at 4:44 pm by Andrea

WoWInterface.com Crashed on me halfway through this post, you will have to search these addons yourself. Sorry.

And I can see a light, I think. Now that the servers are becoming stable, its time to think about where to go from here. I’ve begun working on some achievements (125 done so far!) and I’ve got a new UI. This time I am running Spartan UI with some extra stuff added on. Its a lot less resource heavy then my last UI, but required some .lua file editing to get everything in place. Hopefully though now that its all figured out I can share my mods with you.


Solo, with a target and WIM

Solo, with a target and WIM

SpartanUI – Gives me the pretty graphic at the bottom and the target and character frames. The buttons are modded with Bartender 4.


Auctioneer – Oh how I love thee. All updated and ready to go

Healbot – healing mod, that Im loving for my pally

Recount – Gotta see my standings

Omen3 – looks cool now, if you ask me

Rating Buster – Not sure if this is working with the new stats, but says its updated


Party setup

Party setup

Combustor – Bag Mod


Fubar – technically not updated, but not giving me any trouble.

Atlasloot – I like knowing

BigWigs – Boss mod

DBM – Also a boss mod. If one misses the other usually catches it

Combuctor – All in one bag

Decursive – Cause people dont like dying, apparently

ElkBuffBars – Fancy buff mod

Icehud – I have no idea why I like HuDs, it seems I dont even notice them most the time

MikScrollingCombatText – Big numbers are fun right?

Pallypower – I wouldn’t know how to buff without it

Prat 3.0 – Chat mod makes my life easier

QuestHelper – Updated and easy to use… but no waypoints until Cartographer is ready to go

WIM- Works like AIM, Get it?



  1. Adrexis said,

    Hey, any chance you can post a pic of your raid setup?

    Thanks! ❤

  2. Adrexis said,

    I’m an idiot, I see your more recent post, and can see your raid UI there. Nevermind! XD

  3. Adrexis said,

    Oh, one question. Have you had any problems with Spartan UI’s Bartender 4 resetting when you change zones or take a portal? I’ve been searching for a solution for it for a while, and since you’re on my regularly-read blog list *and* have Spartan UI I was curious if you ever encountered it.

  4. altoholicmom said,

    Hey there, I did have those problems. A quick /console reloadui put everything back in it’s place. But that got old. Thankfully, SpartanUI has issued an updated version, which directly fixes this problem. You can find the update here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7221-SpartanUI.html and you can find regular updates at their forums located here: http://www.spartanui.com/forum/ best of luck with it. I love this UI.

  5. Adrexis said,

    Awesome! Thanks alot, I love you blog ;p

  6. altoholicmom said,

    Woot! I has a fan! who knew? You’re so awesome I could /hug you!

  7. Adrexis said,

    /hug! What server are you on! I’m at work right now and the firewalls won’t let me check your armory pages! D:

  8. altoholicmom said,

    I play on the Draenor Server for my Alliance toons, and Gnomeregan is the home of my horde toons

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